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Arena Progress Report

@are Thank you very much for your update. This is precious. Our experience will be precious for others even if we feel frustrated. You are at 10 months and we have just finished nearly 15 months. In the last five months a lot has been painful and sometimes terrifying. But we think we may have just turned a corner, fingers crossed. I shall give more details when I post after the due date, maybe after 8 days from now.

I feel your pain. The eyes thing is terribly depressing. I too long for a life when I could walk around on my own and I envy all these people rushing to the next event in their life with their eyes fine. Sometimes this is very sad.

If I had not watched my husband getting much better, seing colours for the first time in his life and generally seeing so many improvements, I may have stopped the diet already.

However, like you, I do not know of another way I might get some eyesight back. So I have no choice but try on.

Something strange has happened though, which I think is related to the eyes and vision in general. The mind is clearer. A lot of problems which had arisen because things were not going the way I wanted them to go, have found a surprising solution. "Luck" has come back, an adequacy between our wishes and reality.

In yogic terms this mean that the center of command in the brain, that gives orders to our reality, through circumstances and other people, is working well. This is supposed to be related to vision beacuse it is from the "third eye". And this third eye is a residual third eye and related to our two normal eyes.

So maybe our eyes are being healed and we don't know it yet?

Hugs and good wishes!

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thank you @ourania! Right now it only feels precious conditioned on me getting well again in the future, and if not, it only feels depressing, but I see what you mean. I hope you are right, that we are indeed healing, and I look forward to your update! I hope your husbands sees rainbows, and the same for you <3

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@orion How interesting that a lower dose of B1 still gives you the positive warming energy effect, also! Being able to lower doses must indicate progress, eh? 😊

@are I’m sorry you haven’t had any symptom relief at this point. 😕 What you are dealing with sounds so very brutal.

I have some ideas for the facial dryness. Someone I suspect to be toxic in Vitamin A complained to me of burning facial skin. I suggested she make an activated charcoal mask. She mixed activated charcoal and aloe vera gel (but water works just as well), and wore it for around an hour. Said she had complete relief for several days before she had to use it again.

I’ve also used a colloidal oatmeal mask, followed by clear aloe vera gel (I get it at Wallmart) as a moisturizer. That doesn’t “grab” the retinoids out of the skin the way the charcoal is supposed to, but it can be soothing.

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@puddleduck thank you for the dryness tip. I pulled the curtains, and now I'm sitting here with a blackface, afraid to get cancelled. Fingers crossed this will work! The dryness is indeed burning, as with your friend, for example right now the activated charcoal makes my skin "burn". Anyway, thanks again, will report back if this works!
I have some untreated oat sprouts which I used to grind to make my own oat mask, and I have thought about this lately, so funny you brought it up. I'm hesitant, though, because of the lutein(?) content. 

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lil chick

The idea of a mask is a great one, and I suppose that is what I've been doing with the coconut oil before soap, which I call the "cradle cap method", (a trad way to help cradle cap, which is a yellowish peeling rash on baby's heads).    Perhaps there is an osmosis sort of thing happening in which fat soluble toxins are pulled into the oil before it is washed away.  What I find is less papule and flaking issues than just soap alone.  (I use nothing else on my face)

When I was a young woman I often did clay masks with beneficial results.  As a rosacean (and before Grant) I didn't like the way they seemed to make my face redder.  It could be that they were stirring things up, or that the clay itself was kind of rough on the upset skin.  People whose skin is less upset than mine might get fine results with clay, I don't know.  Clay and charcoal are both kind of known as "spongy" type molecules that help clean toxins up.


Do you ever tested sjorgen syndrome? I would recommend it in your case.

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@joel No, never did, is it anything in particular that makes you suspect that, or only the dry eyes? I looked it up, and the first thing that strikes me is that I have no dry mouth, and my eyes are no dry as in lack of tears (because of the lacrimal glands), but rather due to meibomian gland dropout. I do have super dry facial skin, but that has only kicked in the last 3-4 months I'd say. Everything neck down also works as it should, I think. But I'm curious to hear what you think, as always! Hope you are doing good, and that you are still fighting on this diet <3

@puddleduck I tried the aloe + AC mask, but it almost seemed to make things worse, but worth a try. Does AC bind retinoic acid in the skin also, do you know?

My skin is do dry and inflammed it is crazy. I’ve never experienced this before. My cheeks are very red, and same with the skin on the sides of the eyes, and the forehead. It itches like a *****. A antifungal cream I tried alleviated things some, but not any longer. Unless anybody can give me a reason for why this is happening, I’m getting seriously concerned here. Is retinoic acid stored in the skin only getting released when going low VA or something? Does anybody have a scientific argument as to why this can be a good thing, and a symptom of healing? If not I seriously have to consider that something is very wrong here. My skin is basically totally fucked here


It's hard to comment without seeing your diet in detail, the cosmetics and substances you are exposed to, knowing all of your health issues, knowing what dental and medical procedures you've had and without looking at any blood tests you've had done. I don't expect you to post them here either.

Maybe you should post your diet in detail so we can analyse how that may be improved to help you?

Without knowing any more information it doesn't sound like a detoxification process, do you think it could be an allergic reaction?

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@tim-2 my diet is as described in this progress report thread, but I don't expect anybody to go back and read it. Average per day is probably something like:

  • 180 g rice (just introduced brown rice as well), 1-2 teaspoons of olive/safflower oil (sometimes MCT oil), 100 g black beans (sometimes white beans), 200 g white fleshed potatoes, half a white mushroom, quarter of a peeled apple, 400 g beef, 150 g turkey, 200 g of "safe" bread, _tiny_ amount of honey, 1 dl coke zero. (apples and coke zero is once every blue moon, but there is basically no VA in my diet as I see it)
  • I filter my drinking water after I saw you talked about fluoride in water, I bought that 5 months back, maybe.
  • I don't use shampoo or anything on my hair.
  • I've donated blood twice the last 4 months.
  • Supplements: B-complex probably twice a week on average, 150% RDA iodine twice a week on average (also from salt). I took zinc/C up from May - September-ish.
  • I've not had any dental procedures the last years. Removed a couple of wisdom teeth 3 years ago. Other than that my teeth are fine. Some regressed gum, that's it. No medical procedures except a probing treatment of my meibomian glands 6 months ago, but I don't know if that is a "medical treatment". It didn't help at all, btw, total waste of 500 USD.
  • I have not put anything on my skin before my skin started getting really dry. So, nothing whatsoever from May until February. Nothing at all. And my skin issues started in November/December and has just progressively gotten worse. In february I tried putting hyaluronic acid on it. Didn't help. MCT-oil. Didn't help. Aloe Vera. Didn't help. And now a safe anti-fungal cream (no VA in it), didn't help. So I don't think it is an allergic reaction, the only thing I can think of is an allergic reaction to face mask, but I don't wear that on my forehead, so that doesn't add up.

Blood work:

Ferritin ug/L    
Date Result   Range
Dec-20 226   20 - 300
Sep-20 249   20 - 300
Oct-19 288   20 - 300
May-19 244   20 - 300
Oct-18 194   20 - 300
Jun-17 218   20 - 300


Iron umol/L    
Date Result   Range
15.12.2020 25,5   9,0 - 34,0
07.09.2020 27,1   9,0 - 34,0
29.10.2019 26,4   9,0 - 34,0
31.05.2019 33,1   9,0 - 34,0
04.10.2018 21,4   9,0 - 34,0
22.06.2017 27,1   9,0 - 34,0


B12 pmol/L    
Date Result   Range
15.12.2020 532   170 - 650
07.09.2020 434   170 - 650
29.10.2019 315   170 - 650
31.05.2019 275   170 - 650
04.10.2018 303   170 - 650
16.10.2017 537   170 - 650
22.06.2017 466   170 - 650


Folate nmol/L    
Date Result   Range
15.12.2020 16,0   >5,7
07.09.2020 10,5   >5,7
29.10.2019 13,4   >5,7
31.05.2019 12,3   >5,7
04.10.2018 24,2   >5,7
22.06.2017 11,0   >5,7


Vitamin A (retinol) umol/L    
Date Result   Range
15.12.2020 1,3   >0,7
07.09.2020 1,7   >0,7
30.07.2020 1,5   >0,7
05.05.2020 1,8   >0,7
16.10.2017 2,2   >0,7


Copper umol/L    
Date Result   Range
15.12.2020 17,5   12,0 - 25,0
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