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Is red beetroot really very low?

I wonder if red beetroot is really okay since I don't read it anywhere in recommendations and the very red color...

According to this nutritional calculator, it has virtually no vitamin A / cartinoids. If I just google "beetroot and cartinoids", many articles say that it is rich in cartinoids without a source. So I am very confused. Where does the bright red color come from and it feels like nobody is eating or talking about it. I got almost no answers here in the forum under the search term. And it's not in the Eatbeautiful grocery list either.

Does anyone know more about it?



Vitamin A 33.00 IU 1 %
    Vitamin A, RAE 2.00 mcg  
    Carotene, alpha 0.00 mcg  
    Carotene, beta 20.00 mcg  
    Cryptoxanthin, beta 0.00 mcg  
    Lutein + zeaxanthin 0.00 mcg  
    Lycopene 0.00 mcg




It looks like it is colored with the above pigment.

Beetroots have a good reputation for helping health, don't they?  Perhaps they are a smart idea.  Glad you brought them up!





@salt more carotenes than broccoli?   I guess that surprises me.  But still no where near carrots?


WTF. I ate it for the last few days🙆🏽‍♂️ What else can you believe ... all the nutritional value websites say very low and this studies something completely different.. So I have to check every food with studies instead of nutritional information or what..🙄

I think VA content varies.  The same with oxalates.