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Ourania's log

One idea already arose:  Do you have prescription sunglasses at the ready?  I feel they help me with travel. 

I've even worn them when traveling as a passenger at night because of flashing lights.  Or at entertainments that were flashy.

I also keep a visor handy and of course, reading glasses. 

Hubs and I are getting more forgetful, and it helps to be very organized and put things in the same spot every time.  So you might want to have your system down pat of where your important things are.  These stretchy visors can be attached to things just by undoing one end.

Island Green Women's Ladies Branded Expandable Spiral Cord Sun Visor Hat

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Very good ideas. Also I think the chemical gets in through the eyes. I wear gloves too.

Hi Ourania,

I'm glad you had a good trip and that you are encouraged to travel.

I'm writing here because of what you said about fish oil smell releasing.  I thought I was the only one that was having strange smells emanate from who knows where.  I almost thought I might be having a nasal delusion. 

How odd!  However, I have heard that people who raise animals for meat do think that some things will affect the flavor. 

I think others have said here that they feel that on some days they are more conscious of body odor, that I also get... but this is different.  It is a waft that invades your space for about 5 minutes and then is gone.

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Results after 16 months

All in all this has been a good month, even though we caught some kind of flu that precipitated detox and was quite unpleasant.

I feel we have turned a corner. Maybe this is due to the arrival of spring. Maybe the seasons are very important in this vA adventure. Anyway, we feel better, have more good days than before, suffer less depression (both of us), No anger for me, but my husband still flows into a rage from time to time. In fact I felt well enough, brainfog -wise to enroll in a couple of MOOCs!

We both have more and more skin improvements, small crusts are getting smaller, I am growing more hair (he is not). My eyes are flatter than before so I suppose less irritated at the back. My eyesight unfortunately has not recovered from the flu epsode (yet?).

But my husband sees more and more colours! He had to change his spectacles, because he has again less myopia! Also he can now do fine soldering anyday, his sight can now again do precise small work (no more presbyopia it seems).

Also we have more dreams, nearly everyday now.

Less dry mouth upon waking. Also it seems that the difficulty to move when I wake up is now slowly releasing its grip. Gone 10 % from the start I think. This is very important for me, as it happens also if I sit for a while.

I hope all this will improve and that I shall give you better news next month!

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It is good to hear things are improving as it gives us new in the detox journey hope. 

Sorry to hear that you had flu Ourania but great to hear that you & your husband are generally doing better.