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Thoughts on Covid, Low A, Nutrition While Sick


Right now, Covid is (according to my son's antigen test result) or is not (according to my own test result) making its way through our family. (Isn't it crazy that for the first time in human history, we are defining ourselves as "sick" or "not sick" based on a variety of different tests with a giant gamut of criteria and effectiveness? My nine-year-old said furiously, "It is STUPID to say I might be sick when I AM NOT SICK! I want to go to my rehearsal!!")

After the surreal nature of the past 1.5 years, combined with the current atmosphere of fear and scapegoating and adrenaline, the past three days at our house have felt strangely calm and unhurried. I haven't been sick since possibly the last time I had Covid (February 2020); back then, it was the eighth time I was sick in less than a year, which I do think was a side effect of my Vitamin A Detox combined with longstanding B vitamin deficiencies. Also, it might not have been Covid, but I had ALL the symptoms: fever, aches, headache, blue hands and feet, loss of taste and smell, cough, shortness of breath...plus I had just had the flue two separate times for several weeks each, over the past three months. But maybe it was just another flu. No tests were happening then.)

Last night I was re-reading Chris Masterjohn's recommendations for what to do in the Event of Catching Covid, and I can't help but think about his longstanding advice to Take More Vitamin A. Repeatedly, he and others mention that “low vitamin A levels” are correlated with more severe viral illness. From the standpoint of having eaten a low-A diet for over two years, and discovering LARGE benefits from it that completely go against the "many decades of research" that Masterjohn and others draw from (but also experiencing a very large number of viral illnesses during my first nine months on the diet), I can think of two possibilities for what is going on during illness: a patient’s serum A would be high because the patient recently/often consumed a lot of vitamin A; and/or, the patient's liver, as a _result_ of the viral illness, would actively excrete A, therefore raising serum levels in the process.

Our son who first came down with Covid noticed a sore throat, loss of smell and taste, headache and feverish aches/chills, and "something that feels funny in my bladder." I have the same sensations (except no smell/taste effects yet), and also stomach aches.

I decided to take a bolus dose of 100,000 iu of Vitamin D last night, primarily because I have no recent bloodwork, and for my whole formerly A-toxic existence I was always low in D even when I supplemented (and half a year into our low A experiment, I was still low). And I figured that some extra D might then get into my breastmilk, since the baby has it too (just a low grade fever and a tiny hint of a cough. Apart from that and him not-sleeping at night, he's in fine spirits).

In this crazy world, I am a tired mama...


When you were sick all the time what was your diet? Do you remember? Was it SAD?

Hi @max-3, no, definitely never SAD. It was basically meat and white rice and low A veggies - it was at the beginning of our Low A adventures, but before we were able to introduce beans, and after ten years doing GAPS etc. we were (I think) very deficient in B1/B2 etc. If I had to come up with a theory, I'd say that most of us enter this diet with dozens of nutrient deficiencies/overloads/imbalances, and it takes a loooong time to work them out. I sometimes wonder if it's possible for adults...but I still have hope for the kids, cuz they have Seed Power! I am at this point (even with remaining issues) doing better with fewer supplements (almost none, anymore!) than I have ever felt. Can't help but wish for perfect, though...

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What foods do you think caused you the problems? Did you eat a lot of liver or dairy?

Oh my gosh, what high A foods DIDN'T we eat, is a better question! For my whole life, I pounded the colorful veggies (I was a nutrition-focused vegetarian and vegan for the first 30 years), and then once we started GAPS, the colorful veggies stayed and even more dairy and eggs and eventually tons of organ meats joined; then, a la Wahls, even MORE veggies, and sweet potatoes and squash and all the rainbow that I could juice and insert into my children, trying so hard to make us all healthy. 🙁

All the kids are recovering from what I now consider a many-years-long poisoning Event - and all are healthier than they've ever been, after a year of eating few veggies and No More Organ Meat (nobody fights me about meals anymore, either! 🙂

Where did your calories come from when you were vegan/vegetarian? Veggies hardly have any calories besides potatoes, so you must have eaten something else aswell. Im glad that your kids are doing fine now. Feed them enough meat and they will be really healthy.

How about quinine or invermectin?   Oh yeah, breast feeding...  

It seems like I've heard zinc, c, and D.  (sun is better imo) .  lysine.

chicken soup?

Well, one week into our Covid adventures and I must say - there is more psychology involved than I wish to admit. I have done my research. I know that the risk of death for my family's demographics is extremely low. And...my husband just got it, and I can't help but check on his breathing every few minutes! I am reading a looooong list of interesting and cerebral articles and interviews just to keep myself focused and less emotional, and I gotta cut myself some slack, since it's not every day that we contract the world's most famous virus...

Meanwhile, two or three kids are fully over it (one kid might or might not have even been sick at all, so that's tricky to count), one kid has yet to get it, and the other kiddo will hopefully be fully over it tomorrow. I feel quite crappy, and my sweetheart just got sick tonight. (That means that so far, if we're going to tally it up, I have been the most sick, followed by the baby who ran a fever for one night. I really really really hope that my husband doesn't get it badly.)

An interesting symptom that I've noticed for years is that right before and during flus etc., I get weird blood sugar stuff. Like, I'll be hungry nonstop, or hungry in the nighttime, or hungry even if my stomach is full. That is definitely happening this time, with Covid. Also, I have completely "prickly" skin, and any time I move or brush against something my skin feels SO sensitive. My sense of taste and smell are going away this evening, and my chest hurts when I cough. Kinda boring, really.

Basically, it feels a lot like when we had what I think was Covid in February 2020, and it seems reasonable to expect that Covid will be a seasonal and yearly addition to the Sickness Fun we can all expect indefinitely in the future. 🙁

But hopefully there is some usefulness that can come with infection? I keep thinking that perhaps the liver gets a chance to dump a lot of vitamin A during a sickness like this? Which I suppose could be dangerous, but maybe has some therapeautic value? Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers that there are some redeeming qualities, even if this is an engineered virus left over from gain of function research that our Esteemed Celebrity Politician Researchers have gifted unto us...

If I think about it all for too long I get mad, so I think it's good to go to bed now.

Thanks to you all for being out there, and for caring about self experimentation and the capacity for human health improvement!!

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Oh, and the funny thing, @lil-chick, was that I checked my e-mail right after you posted...and I was literally staggering into the kitchen to make chicken soup for dinner. 🙂

Adding mung beans to chicken soup is quite delicious, I found, despite not being able to taste it very much!

I've used ivermectin + lactoferrin combo effectively against covid - they are both very potent ACE2 blockers, reducing cells penetration thus giving immune system much more time to build strong adaptive immunity.

Vit D is probably as good as cytokine storm inhibitor, but both ivermectin and lactoferrin are already excellent in this...