My eBooks

Here’s a list of my three eBooks, They are completely free. Please freely share them as much as you want.

Extinguishing the Fires of HellVirtualCover

This eBook is really a chronology of my early investigation and discovery process. I was still quite unwell as I wrote this book, It is too long, rambling, and has many typos and grammatical errors. If you can get past that, there’s probably still some worthwhile information in it. It makes a very strong case that vitamin A is at the root cause of many of our chronic inflammatory diseases. Although the title may come across as being very lame, it’s not if you’ve suffered from severe and chronic inflammation, and especially if you’ve had most of your skin burn off from the inside out. You can download extinguishing-the-fires-of-hell here.

Poisoning for Profits


This is my second eBook. There are really two big points I was trying to develop and communicate with it. Firstly, so-called vitamin A is not a vitamin at all. It’s supposed discovery was just badly botched science. The second major point was the slow realization that almost all of the medical “drugs” used to attempt to treat the diseases are not only quite useless, they are also very factually toxic substances too. Technically, they are actually poisons. That’s not hyperbole. It is just a fact. Accutane is probably the most quintessential example. Modern doctors are simply attempting to treat disease by poisoning people with extremely toxic substances.  The same applies to vaccines. They believe that to improve the immune system they need to first poison people. The modern Western “drug it” medical practice is not a “medical” science, rather it’s a poisoning science.

Thus, the title on this eBook, You can download PoisoningForProfits here.
An audio version of this eBook is available here.

Breast Cancer

In this eBook I make the case much more specifically that breast cancer is first and fore-mostly a result of a chronic poisoning. The primary causal toxin responsible for that poisoning is vitamin A. You can download Breast Cancer here.

An audio version of this eBook is available here.