About a year ago, I posted my initial theory that low dose chronic vitamin A poisoning was causing the epidemics of Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s/IBD, and eczema. That blog post was so long, and rambling, I doubt that many people even bothered to read it. Of course, there was a bit of a “just some wacko on the internet making absurd claims” sounding tone to it. After all, the entire gist of that theory was admittedly pretty crazy. Nonetheless, I was reasonably confident in making those assertions. Now, after a year of more investigation, I have no doubt whatsoever about it.

But, to have any credibility I needed to fully recover from my eczema condition before posting this update. It has taken a long time for me to make that complete recovery, and there have been a few setbacks along the way. The biggest challenge has been going through another cold, dry winter here in Alberta. Not only have I now fully recovered from my eczema, but I have also seen other significant improvements in my overall health too. More importantly, this extra time has allowed me to learn more, to put together more information, and to gain a much better understanding of the real mechanisms of these diseases. Lastly, I wanted to have gone on a near zero vitamin A diet for at least a year and a half too.

What I’ve learned is quite surprising, and will probably still be almost downright unbelievable for many people. Nevertheless, the truth is what the truth is. Therefore, this is mostly a good news story. It should be a majorly good news story for anyone afflicted with these diseases. It’s also a wee bit of a bad news story at the same time too. That’s because once you understand the mechanism of these diseases, you’ll see that it is going to take a long time to recover from them. The scope and magnitude of the devastation to the body’s cells and organs could be enormous, and it is simply going to take a long time to allow the body to recover and repair itself. Therefore, no magic pill is going to cure you. But, making a significant diet change probably will.

“If a sick person is fed, one feeds the disease.”


The first stage in recovering from these diseases is that you need to immediately stop poisoning yourself. The second stage is to give your body the time it needs to heal itself. Even though you won’t experience a full recovery right away, you should experience at least some improvement by the first three to four weeks, assuming you take this very seriously.

With that, let’s move on to other goods news aspects of the story. The good news is that these diseases are not at all what we’ve been told they are. They are not some incurable, remainder of life disease condition. The human body is not some weak, feeble machine that is prone to self-destruction like this. These diseases, the autoimmune diseases, of Crohn’s, colitis, Lupus, eczema, MS, psoriasis, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, celiac, Sjögrens, vitiligo, and others are indeed rooted in vitamin A poisoning. These are not some spontaneously occurring, or just random bad luck, diseases. That ridiculous concept is entirely wrong.  They are completely not the result of a defective immune system either. They are auto-poisonings that cause the immune system to respond in the way it does. The only bad luck part here is that you probably live in a Western country that has fortified its national milk and dairy products with the very chemical that causes these diseases. Somehow, modern medicine has ignored what Hippocrates knew all too well some 2,500 years ago.

It is thus with regard to the disease called Sacred; it appears to me to be nowise more sacred than other diseases, but has a natural cause from which it originates like other affections. Men regard its nature and causes as divine from ignorance and wonder, because it is not at all like to other diseases. And this notion of its divinity is kept up by their inability to comprehend it, and the simplicity of the mode by which it is cured…

Hippocrates,  On the Sacred Disease

There’s more good news here too. Many of the chronic thought to be brain diseases are also manifestations of chronic vitamin A poisoning. These include Autism, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, many cases of anxiety, chronic depression, and very likely schizophrenia too. Additionally, this same poisoning is the very root cause of many incidences of kidney disease, and non-alcoholic liver disease too. It is also a very significant factor causing obesity. It is most certainly also the very root cause of cataracts.

Now any reasonable person should assume that claiming that this long list of diseases as being caused by one common poisoning is completely absurd. I fully understand how absurd sounding these claims must be. On the other hand, it is not at all absurd sounding after you learn that this one chemical is indeed capable of poisoning every single cell in the human body. Additionally, whatever is causing these diseases, it has to be something amazingly ubiquitous in our environment.  This is no ordinary poisoning either. This poisoning is a doozy, because it very slowly poisons the entire body, and thereby starts to destroy nearly every tissue in the body. Moreover, it coerces the ever powerful immune system into destroying the body too, the said to be “defective” auto-immune response.

The key to understanding all of this is the fact that all tissues associated with the chronic diseases, the thought to be diseases of aging, and the believed to be diseases of childhood, are all diseases of the stratified epithelial (and endothelial) tissues. Therefore, a gastroenterologist is dealing with the same tissue type (structure) as an ophthalmologist, and so is the dermatologist, the cardiologist, and the nephrologist, etc. The organ (the location of the disease, the gut, the eye, the skin or the kidneys, etc.) is irrelevant. The various named medical specialties are all attempting to treat the same tissue structure, it’s the stratified epithelium, with its all critical basal membrane. The subsequent downstream consequence of the body’s attempted defense of this endless destruction leads to bone loss, osteoporosis, and that directly leads to the long-term disruption in the balance of blood chemistry, resulting in chronic ischemic damage in the brain. Obesity is another defensive action taken by the body in trying to protect you from this self-destruction of the epithelium.

The takeaway here is that the chronic diseases of the inner ear, eyes, lungs, skin, GI tract, kidneys, pancreas (diabetes), liver, nose, throat, reproductive tissues, cardiovascular, myelin sheaths lining the nerves (MS), and all tissues with a cilia, such as of the ovaries, etc. are ALL epithelial diseases (it’s the slow and chronic apparent self-destruction of this TYPE of tissue).  But, it is not some mysterious self-destruction going on, it is a slow poisoning. Surprisingly, there is only ONE food based poison known to medical science that can even possibly be causing it. There is a ton of medical research proving this fact, and it has been proven beyond any doubt. Therefore, this is not just a theory.

Paradoxically, it is also believed to be proven that a shortage of vitamin A causes the very same destruction of the stratified epithelial (and endothelial) tissues. Would it not be fascinating to find out why we have this striking paradox? I’ll publish a follow-up post on how the early researchers completely botched it. The studies proving the consequences of vitamin A deficiency showed nothing other than the incredible toxicity of vitamin A. These early researchers made some tragic mistakes, and the resulting consequence of those mistakes is the outrageous rates of chronic disease we now face in the developed countries.


Using the term “poisonings” might be somewhat dramatic sounding too. However, I have no intention of being dramatic sounding. I am just calling it for what it is. Once you consider the geographic and national clustering of these diseases, there’s no question that they are poisonings. Nonetheless, to be less dramatic sounding, let’s just use the term “abnormal underlying conditions”.

Secondly, once you understand that these diseases are not normal in the human body, then it is easy to consider that it is some abnormal underlying conditions causing them. When these underlying conditions persist, the diseases develop. The only difficult aspect in understanding that these diseases are indeed poisonings is the extended time frames involved. We are usually talking about decades of time. Basically speaking, a toxin is very slowly accumulating in the body at various locations.  Yet, paradoxically, there is also a ton of complexity involved in the process.  As that toxin is accumulating the body is also mounting its standard defense measures against it. However, over time the body’s defensive measures are worn down and eventually exhausted. Once that happens, the body crosses a tipping point into diseases. You will never recover from the diseases unless you change the underlying conditions that are causing them.

I am completely, and one hundred percent sure about the above statements. However, it does not matter one little bit about what I am sure of. What only matters here, is what the evidence says about it. And over the last year, I’ve been spending my spare time on collecting that evidence. I’ve been gathering that evidence and making the connections between it all. I am publishing this in a free eBook. The eBook is available using the links below. I’ve put this information into an eBook form because it is now just way too long to include in a blog post. The book is entirely free. There are no hooks or catches to it. There is no advertising, or any monetary gain in this book for me, or anyone else. The only cost to you is your time in reading it. This book is intended for the people who have these diseases, and for their families. Here’s the download link: Extinguishing the Fires of Hell.pdf

You can freely share this eBook with anyone, including your doctor, and I highly encourage you to do that. However, I don’t expect much of a positive reaction from doctors on this topic for several reasons. Firstly, it would take an incredibly brave doctor to follow this evidence to its logical conclusions. Secondly, most doctors have more or less had their hands tied. For many physicians, they cannot be recommending a diet change to treat diseases. Thirdly, medical science has been completely over analyzing these conditions and have therefore missed the most obvious aspect to them. That is the fact, that they are poisonings. Ironically, the key to understanding these diseases is not found by looking down through a microscope, but rather by looking at world maps. Moreover, in the near term, we are far more interested in knowing what is poisoning us, rather than knowing the exact microbiology of how it is poisoning us. Of course, the microbiology aspects of this poisoning are of huge scientific and academic interest. It will give us a much better understanding of how the body really works, and importantly the information needed to develop the right treatment and antidotes. Therefore, a good chunk of my investigation was focused on proving that these diseases are poisonings and exactly what poison is responsible for them.

The critical information you need to know is that the rates for these diseases in North America, and selected other industrialized countries, are a staggering 50 to 400 times higher than compared to the non-industrialized ones. When you stop and really think about it, there is only one plausible explanation as to why and how this has happened. Quite simply, it is because these diseases are poisonings. From that basic understanding, then the next question you need to ask is what known potential toxins in our common foods even have the capability of causing these diseases? The rather shocking answer to that question is that there is only one substance known to medical science that can do so. That chemical is vitamin A.

On the one hand, it is just that straightforward. Yet, on the other hand, it is a very tricky, and almost devious poisoning that slowly sneaks up on us. For most adults it usually takes decades. Sadly, kids are not so lucky because they are far more susceptible.

Naturally, I welcome any and all feedback. More than that, I invite anyone to try to challenge this finding. But, please do it publicly, here on this blog, or anywhere else. All I’ll ask is that you use your real name, and job title when doing so. I am just asking you to please go on public record as having refuted this theory. Obviously, you’ll need to have very solid scientifically supportable evidence backing your position. This investigation is about science and the facts. It is not about opinions, nor is it about quotes from so-called experts.

When I refer to evidence here, most people might be expecting complicated chemical equations, detailed and complex biological processes, glossy pictures, and downright virtual fingerprints. I think that kind of evidence is going to be pretty hard to come by in disease research, and it would be difficult to prove the case absolutely, and conclusively in chronic diseases other than in infections.

However, I am indeed providing much of that level of evidence here. I am providing pictures, biological processes, and references to massive amounts of data, and (inadvertent) large-scale clinical studies to make the case.  But it is not to some extreme level of scientific sophistication, and rigor. Maybe a bit oddly, the answer to solving these diseases is not found so much in the minutia. Rather, the answer shows up and becomes entirely apparent when you take several steps back and look at all of the evidence collectively, and thereby see the bigger picture. There are some other surprising aspects of these diseases that have shown up in my investigation. Firstly, much of this information has been well known to medical science since about the 1940s. Secondly, you can literally see the large amounts of this toxin sitting in the skin, and you can see it with your own eyes. Thirdly, it is the very same, and the one chemical that is known to medical science that has been clinically proven, and proven millions of times over, to cause all of the symptoms of all the autoimmune diseases combined.  Additionally, there is only one toxin (from foods) known to medical science that can possibly be causing osteoporosis. It is also the one chemical known to medical science that will cause the depletion of your tissue’s stem cells, and thereby cause the corresponding sclerosis of your epithelial tissues. It is the one chemical, therefore, capable of causing the pigment loss occurring in vitiligo.  You can see this with your own eyes too. It is the one chemical that will cause the skin to shed and flake off as seen in eczema. It is the very same chemical that is scientifically proven to cause inflammation and the actual immune response we see in these diseases. Amazingly, it is the same chemical that has been proven to cause the head to toe destruction of the human body, and it has proven it millions of times over too. The points I’ve just made are a sampling of the details of the evidence you can dig into by reading the eBook.

Lastly, and rather incredibly, the very functional definition of vitamin A not only implicates it here but it also provides us with the unique virtual fingerprints on it. I could almost not even wish for more or stronger evidence. Everything I’ve found here is completely scientifically proven, and well-documented.

You’ll also see indisputable proof that these diseases are indeed poisonings. When you combine all of these facts, you should be left with no doubts. The bottom line here is that there is only one chemical known to medical science that can even possibly be causing these diseases. Very unfortunately, we’ve all been drinking it in our milk, eating it, and feeding it to our kids. The experts have seriously let us down and misled us. I believe that the vitamin A supplementation of our foods will go down in history as being one of the biggest scientific blunders of our time.

Don’t let the never-ending excuses thrown up by the naysayers and cynics distract you from pursuing the truth. The naysayers have not even begun to solve these diseases over the last fifty years, and they likely wouldn’t have solved a single one of them in the next fifty years either. Don’t let others with some financial interest try to talk you out of pursuing it either. Be strong, brave, and consider the evidence I am presenting on its own merits. This theory is not impossible. On the contrary, based upon the mountain of evidence here, it is highly probable. It is also not a difficult concept to understand either because this exact process is abundantly documented to be precisely what happens with this toxin in the human body. Additionally, and quite surprisingly, there is only one possible explanation as to why over 100,000,000 people in North America are now sick, and more are getting sick every single day.

To illustrate the point, imagine that you and your business partner have a company safe containing all your cash and valuables. There are only two people in the entire world that have a key to this safe: you and your partner. Your partner’s name is Joe Vital, and he is an unyielding type A personality. He has an immense influence on everyone he comes into contact with. With that, most people call him by his somewhat peculiar nickname “Vital A”.  Then one day you open the safe, and everything is gone. You confront “Vital A”, and he’s sitting there red-faced, sweating, and has a plane ticket to South America in his pocket, and denying any part of it. His financial supporters are also steadfastly backing him and are waving their hands trying to distract your attention to elsewhere. So, just who do you think emptied the safe? You might not want to admit that your old friend has betrayed your trust, but you just now have to go with the evidence on it. There is only one possibility here.  Of course, the cash and valuables in this analogy are your health; the calcium sucked out from your bones, and the all-important stem cells robbed from your skin, eyes, pancreas, kidneys, liver, other tissues, and even your brain.

Most importantly, regardless of what I say, or what anyone else has to say, the very final say, and evidence, on this is now up to you. You must now take action on it, and ultimately prove it one way or the other.

Thank you.