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While doing the background investigation for my two earlier e-books, I often saw similarities between many of the aspects and characteristics of the chronic diseases and those of cancers. It was especially so for breast cancer. Thus, I’ve looked at the breast cancer topic a bit more.  It has by no means been an exhaustive investigation. However, it has led me to two conclusions.

  1. Breast Cancer is caused by a poisoning.
  2. The primary causal toxin responsible for that poisoning is vitamin A.

I’m presenting this theory in a new e-book.

I’ve tried to keep this e-book short. But, I think there is still ample amounts of evidence presented in it to sufficiently back up the above conclusions. As with my other e-books, this one is free. So, please download this e-book, and feel free to share it with anyone you want. All I ask for in return is that you comment on it as you see fit.