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Overall, the results of the survey are pretty much inline with my expectations and understanding of where we are at with this project. Rather than typing up a detailed response for many of the comments submitted in the survey I’ve posted a video here sharing my thoughts on it.

2023 Survey Response

1 = No, not at all, it’s a only toxin. 10 = Yes, it’s only a toxin at high doses

For each of the following questions, on a scale of 1 to 10 how much this aspect of health has improved.

Using the following scale:

1 – it’s gotten worse
5 – has stayed about the same
10 – significantly improved

What are the most important next steps / directions we should take on this investigation?

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  • Find out a way to detox in people that have detox pathways compromised, it seems that a lot of people hit a threshold and can’t keep on detoxing.
  • Investigate benefit of extra choline or eggs from the beginning in preventing adverse detox reactions and speeding up the process. See if stress reduction and/or better sleep habits help. Look into the benefits of exercise for the process.
  • Updated edition of ETFH including new title and current research info. Make it into something that can be given to a layman as an intro to these ideas.
  • I don’t know about the reasons for supplementing the supply, could be nefarious, I just don’t know. I suspect ignorance though. As far as the direction, I personally am interested in the choline angle, as the studies I’ve looked at point to it as being very efficient and necessary for liver health and reducing and preventing fatty liver.
  • Formulating perfect diet
  • choline and betaine look interesting. also, dietary fiber and resistant starch very important
  • Try to eliminate most of the agents that pollute your very important blogg and focus on VA!!
  • How to speed up excretion and at the same time keep detox symptoms at bay? Choline is helpful, what other things are there which would support a good detox?
  • Carefully controlled clinical studies
  • In-depth qualitative data (on focus topics) might help.
  • Gut microbiome testing.
  • Disprove the Wolbach and Howe experiments!!
  • The more research scientists and medical or naturopathic doctors and nutritionists looking at chronic hypervitaminosis A from different angles, the better, but first they have to become interested in doing so. Your planned experiment will hopefully be a good attention-grabber in this regard.
  • Researching on the importance of choline , increase movement , stress reduction and improve sleep
  • Not sure if this refers to VA reduction or reasons behind VA supplementation. If former currently think role of choline seems v important. Why people like me making such slow progress and having so many problems. What is different with people who have more rapid and problem free recoveries.
  • blood analisis
  • Find out how to keep pooping and fixing cholestasis.
  • your new rat study
  • Provide more info about people who have had success with this diet. Take more steps to counter with evidence claims that A is biologically necessary.
  • still thinking about that one
  • Study the effects of casein, and how V/A causes Alzheimer’s.
  • chill on the divisive rhetoric, at its core it matches a lot of my symptoms perfectly but the reproduction/medical establishment stuff is going to drive people away. in the case of vitamin A, it’s not supplemented in whole milk in the USA because they believe the “fat soluble factor” is being removed when making skim milk so they add in a random human modified molecule, just a case of humans being stupid like DDT spraying
  • Get a full test of you Grant and all of your relevant health markers. Maybe especially an extensive eye exam. Get a better idea of how to help someone start a low vitamin A journey. For example maybe not a best practice diet but a few general best practice diets that can accomodate more people that are starting out. Take advantage of the existing negative segment against the Gates Foundation and WEF, to generate interest to reduce vitamin A consumption. Find/create a lab for testing for all sorts of things like vitamin A in casein.
  • Try to replicate the rat studies
  • Keep educating people, sharing successes
  • Rebuild Royal Rifles electric Ray tubes to destroy carotinoids and vit a. Find out how to apply mms correctly in every health state because I know from personal experience as accutane victims that it oxidizes retinoic acid.
  • Trying to figure out “safe” range of vitamin A in normal diet. Trying to figure out best path to detox successfully.
  • “Vitamin” D (D3 receptor is a heterodimer with the retinoid X receptor, cholesterols contain Vit A to begin with, no exception for choleCALCIferOL).
  • Nailing down what exactly is going on with the detox setback phenomena. Thiamine rapidly pulled me out of a deep setback hole that built up from month 6-9.
  • Keep spreading awareness on Vitamin A toxicity
  • Keep spreading the word and doing what you’re doing. I am EXTREMELY grateful for all the books and blogging that you’ve done Grant! Every blog is helpful. More blogging and progress updates would be great. Letting us know your latest discovery, experience etc…
  • Not sure. I have come to the conclusion that no food is good or bad. Restricted eating is dangerous
  • improved methods/approaches for constipation
  • Find ways to speed up detox. Reach more people about toxicity, and do a study proving VA toxicity
  • Continue to educate people so we can share too!
  • Prove vA is a toxin
  • I think it is important to see how choline can help the VA detox process and what other supplements besides lactoferrin and soluble fiber can be useful in aiding the VA detox process.
  • Reduce drawback symptoms
  • Is there an antidote to A? That we could take so A does not do more damage while we are detoxing.
  • Find an antidote to VA
  • Try individual B vitamins to see what supports your journey the most. Thiamine, biotin, folate and B12 were game changers for me.
  • I think retinol conjugation and bile excretion are probably as important or more important than a very low VA diet. I think more emphasis needs to be put in this area. I know cholestyramine has been brought up several times on the forum. Has anyone gotten a prescription for this, and what were their results? I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals, or the medical industry but I feel like this could be a game changer and reduce or eliminate the detox setback cycle.
  • Microbiome
  • Share testimonials and get the word out!
  • Redo the Wolbach & Howe study – dismantle the “scientific” underpinnings of the retinol as vitamin idea
  • Find out whether if this diet doesn’t work, then nothing ever will as everything is contradictory.
  • Not exposing the global fertility reduction agenda and enjoy our easily stripped crowdsourcing privilege.
  • 1) get a better feel for the likelihood of running into nutrient deficiencies and how to overcome them and 2) find strategies to ensure people do not become so sensitive to vitamin a on this diet that they can never eat it again.
  • Come up with our own supply of food without the additives, preservatives, try to inform people, and lobby (although that’s kind of pointless in the current environment) to have food cleaned up.
  • more research on viruses
  • continue your work to highlight the toxic effects of vitamin a
  • Spread the word that vitamin A can be toxic even with an ordinary diet. But don’t stress that vitamin A isn’t really a vitamin because I think it’s too big of a leap for most people and turns them off to the whole idea.
  • Data Collection on Vitamin A Symptoms and Clearance
  • I don’t know
  • Information through podcast and social media.
  • Understanding the detox setback cycle
  • Detox paths
  • how to make this easier
  • Redoing the Wolbach and Howe rat study.
  • Figure out what people who have been doing this long term and are getting better are doing in common.
  • VAD is real. I started consuming eggs recently only (post 48 months of a strict low VA diet). Please get ERG readings on your cones/rods of your eyes.
  • Vit A is only one of the elements used as poison. Fluoride works faster, gene therapy shots are the best.
  • Repeating original studies in a way that the results would be recognized by the scientific community.
  • I’m interested in the benefits I and others are seeing with adding extra choline and betaine foods. A slower and more balanced approach possibly too.
  • Whether or not it is the lack of vitamin A antogoists that are causing the overspill of vitamin A. For example Vitamin D from sunlight for the hot regions and a high fish diet containing Vitamin D that is traditional for people in the northen hemishpere are maybe protecting against vitamin A. also the modern diet lacking in fibre to bind to bile which contains vitamin A.
  • Study why indigenous peoples with high vit a diets are healthy. Like the Maasai
  • Observe whether replenishing choline positively affects the detoxification of vitamin A in realtime participants.
  • Just continue to openly share and experiment our success and failures
  • To do some new studies
  • avoid all added vitamin A
  • Speed up the healing process, recreate vit A studies.
  • I’ve seen the massive (and literally immediate – as in 2 week) results, but everyone thinks Vit A is a wonderful thing. If a study by a credible authority, or an authority considered credible, could be conducted, I think that would make leaps in understanding. It would also open the door to further research into similar toxins.
  • Continue to have moderate amounts of vitamin a, eggs and healing my gut
  • Not sure – nobody wants to invest the time to read the excellent books you wrote and give something new a try. So many kids with eczema, and so many people supplementing. It’s hard to fight established ideas. Even if you redo all the studies, they likely will be ignored
  • A comprehensive “outing” of ALL vitamins as a scam promoted by the original pill-pushing companies of 100 years ago — they-re all big Pharma now. Not a coincidence.
  • I’d say look into Karen Hurd. She is on to something with the beans/psyllium and frequency of it. That combined with low A is a winner!
  • more randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trials
  • The choline issue should be properly investigated and debated and not censored.
  • Keep going
  • Figuring out the antidote for vA and copper
  • I’m B- blood type, I tried to investigate more about it and didn’t find a lot of info…it would be interesting to know more, and about the rhogam vaccine that I took twice and rejected the third time they wanted to put… I know it is a different investigation but it’s the only thing I can think of right know…
  • Make it easier for new people to join. Get more testing done of those that have been low vA for a long time and maybe look for common denominators. Try to get more testing done of anything relevant. Get a group working towards ending forced food and water fortification. Make a simple calculator for people to estimate how much vA they might have stored in the liver.
  • Start producing local food . Situation will not get better until young people will not take action and start producing local fruit /meat /vegetables

RE: Is vitamin A a toxin?

The Vitamin A toxicity Studies mentioned:

1) The acute and chronic toxic effects of vitamin A

Kristina L Penniston and Sherry A Tanumihardjo

Am J Clin Nutr 2006;83:191–201. Printed in USA. © 2006 American Society for Nutrition

2) The effect of hypervitaminosis A and other dietary factors on the young pig 

Marlin Dean Anderson

Iowa State University

(1964).Retrospective Theses and Dissertations. 3834.

3) HYPERVITAMINOSIS A. By Kare Rodahl. Skrifter No. 95.

The 2022 Study from China showing increased vitamin A

Citation: Tian, T.; Wang, Y.; Xie, W.;

Zhang, J.; Ni, Y.; Peng, X.; Sun, G.;

Dai, Y.; Zhou, Y. Associations between Serum Vitamin A and Metabolic Risk Factors among Eastern Chinese Children and Adolescents. Nutrients 2022, 14, 610.

“The risk of prevalent MetS, general obesity, high LDL, high TC and hyperuricemia still increased with vitamin A levels. MetS was at a high prevalence level in children and adolescents in Jiangsu that were 7–17 years old. Vitamin A was positively associated with obesity, MetS, dyslipidemia and hyperuricemia.”

The survey responses data is available here.