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2020 Survey

In October I’ll put up another survey to gauge how people are doing with this experiment. Last year’s survey was put together rather hastily. That’s because that survey was kind of an emergency response trying to uncover why so many people were encountering the detox setback. Therefore, I’d like to do a much better job on his year’s survey. If you have any ideas or questions that you think are important to include in the survey, please let me know or add a comment here.


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Congrats for you analysis. 

One question and one important thing for the survey:

Q: What is the estimated cost of the analyses you dont want to pay from your pocket? What are those analyses ("vit" A and?)? I ask this because I'll be glad to help you if it's not completely exaggerated (I would like to see the A=0 if that's really possible). Not because I still doubt about the complete uselessness of "vit" A but because many people do and I would be glad to see the result. You can write to me directly (you have my e-mail) if you prefer not to go through the forums.

For the survey: I will post a detailed comment in another post but it would be interesting to know how much protein people consume and to make a relationship (or to prove there isn't any) with not only their detox speed but also detox symptoms.


If it includes a question of top most symptoms .

Might as well include how strict people are in their diet , like lenient , moderately strict , very strict . And what they eat ,if they are not strict 

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Maybe you would like to focus this years survey on a specific part of low vitamin A diets to make the survey simple while also covering more in depth one aspect of vitamin A toxicity. A specific and not to big survey should also make it easy for many people to answer without taking to much time and effort. I think the above suggestion about correlating protein (and all it's variables like intake) with health could be an interesting survey.

Here is a page about how to think when designing a survey (I think the part "What To Do" is especially fitting):



It would be nice if we could make a nice survey template for the first part of the survey that could just simply be about one's overall health. That could be the base line for which to correlate any given survey topic (which could change between surveys).

Some suggestions for a first part of a survey about overall health.

  • Gender?
  • Age?
  • Do you drink alcohol (no, 1 drink/week, 3 drinks/week, more)
  • Do you use drugs? (no, yes)
  • Do you smoke? (no, yes)
  • Overall health (from 0-5)?
  • Overall health last year (from 0-5)?
  • Number of auto-immune illnesses? (0, 1 or several)
  • Auto-immune disease from birth? (no, yes)
  • Auto-immune disease from childhood? (no, yes)
  • Years on low vitamin A diet?
  • Have you noticed any health benefits with low vitamin A diet?


Ideas if a survey should be about protein:

  • Protein sources (beef, chicken, turkey, fish, plant, dairy)
  • Protein amounts
    • Amount of beef protein?
    • Amount of chicken protein?
    • Amount of turkey protein?
    • Amount of fish protein?
    • Amount of dairy protein?
    • Amount of plant protein?
  • Meals of protein per day (1, 2 or more)
  • Organic verus non-organic protein (no, yes)


Good Luck with your survey Grant!

David Hagersten

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Would it be useful to ask how long people have been following low VA and the degree of improvements if any?  Getting an idea of the severity of peoples health problems and the length of time it takes before gains are made. 


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You might want break it into smaller chunks?  People could undertake the sub-surveys they have interest or time for.  Over time they might accomplish all of them, or not, as time permits.  Genetics/geographic location, diet histories, diagnoses... 

Or perhaps their survey could be a living document, able to be modified with time.  Associated with our profile.   It would be really neat if the document could be living from Grant's side as well, so that he could add new questions from his side as they arise.

For example, we all start thinking about oxalates.  So Grant adds a question  to the survey "do you have oxalate kidney stones?".  We all go to our surveys, when we have a minute, and answer the new question.  Maybe I answer 'no' at first, but then change my answer to 'yes" after a painful and expensive trip to the ER, LOL.

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I responded to your e-mail about this. Didn't hear back so wondering if maybe it went into your spam folder. I'd like to help however I can. 


I'm a newb with lots of questions, but maybe this one applies to survey?   Are proteins  one consumes 100% grass fed ungulates vs. poultry (which can almost never be grain-free-fed, unless one is a chicken farmer) vs. corn finished, etc.  Dr. Gundry advises not eating grain-fed meats due to the lectins