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A carnivore youtuber has finally gotten sick from eating lover

I keep tabs on checking certain youtubers who eat certain type of fad diets , this is a very good research methodology and helps us in our theory of vitamin A toxicity . 

So this guy was anti-vegan , and nott so long in most of his videos you will see him eating big beef liver (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj3zQlgtbMM) . I think finally he has hit his saturation level . Now he is vegan because he thinks meat has caused his kidney issues ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKn3_sHkKus) . one could easily see the difference now , he has lost a lot of weight and is looking very sick compared to his old videos . 

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if you guys know of more youtubers , do post here please

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Some thoughts on carnivorousness  (even aside from liver consumption):

Does the carnivore consume loads of eggs?  

Are the carnivores high fat (as many low-carbers are)?   1.  Animal feeds are high VA (based on yellow corn and with VA supp added) so maybe animal fats are higher in VA than charts show?  Like us, perhaps animals start storing VA around the body?   Especially older animals like dairy cows or egg layers.  2.  Perhaps it is stressful to the bile to have to deal with a constant high-fat diet, which might slow detox of VA.

A third question would be:  I wonder if these people take the time to eat their fats warm, which might also affect bile.  Of course there are humorous? videos of carnivores just biting into a cold, raw piece of meat to make people squirm.

I've posted here about Butter Bob, he wasn't a carnivore but he was a low-carb intermittent faster who went from obese to slim.  Once slim,  after a time on his diet he became VA toxic (IMO).  He stopped Vlogging when he came down with vertigo (one of my issues) .  As his name implies, he was doing loads of butter, he had basically replaced carbs with fats--a common way to go low carb.  

People often find that there is short term gain on a special diet, but the magic doesn't last.    I think people should look to their personal ancestral diets for personalized macro-nutrient ratio ideas.  For many Europeans, I think a balanced diet is the norm.

another one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeXhs32MGSs


Frank Tufano is vegan 

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@r-2 Tufano is not vegan lol. Btw he had iron toxicity. He was eating A LOT of red meat for years daily.. I think iron is bigger issue than vit A for a lot more people.. Donating blood at least 2 times a year is very healthy to keep iron under control...

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Something I've noticed about influencers from the Ray Peat community: they tend to look orange and seem to have greasy-looking skin. Haidut, Dannyroddy, Kitty Blomfield, Emma Sgourakis the nutrition coach, the edge content, and Steve Collins. I was orange and greasy looking too sometimes on RP diet. A youtuber strongspiritwoman adopted the RP inspired diet, and since she has, she looks like she aged a lot.... It could be coincidental though. One of the influencers I mentioned has a significant amount of gray hairs and is barely 40 I believe. 

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Here is Butter Bob before and after loosing the weight with a combo of low carb/high fat and intermittent fasting.  Of course the lighting is different.  I'm sure he didn't get THAT yellow.  But still!  I suppose that all of what was stored in the fat has to come out too, it isn't just what he took in.  However, as the name suggests, he was eating loads of butter.   You have to admit that it is an amazing transformation and people do miss him on the net.   He is a very likable guy too.  He seems to want only the best for everyone.

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