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Accutane and hair changes

I was thinking about how when a dog (or cat) is homeless for a long time, and starving... they are eating down their fat stores, not getting enough protein to detoxify their VA load.  And wouldn't you know, they end up with things like mange and allopecia.  I did a quick search and found out that vets also know that hormones can be involved in mange/allopecia in pets. 

Interesting parallels, I wonder if any dog/cat research is helpful there.  Of course, I suppose one thing is that they treat these issues with mitocide baths and topicals.  I never got too far treating rosacea as a mite issue though.  If you think about it, it might be just adding more toxins to a toxic surface.     They also seem to realize that thyroid issues can be involved, and it does seem like thyroid issues mellow out slowly on lowered VA (often).

My current theory would be to aid the detox and healing of the scalp.  Support the thyroid/adrenal.



I've done the hair massage techniques discussed by various people. The original idea comes from a book called Growing New Hair by Margo. I haven't done it consistently to be honest. The Growing New Hair technique involves the use of towel rubbing rather than massage but later techniques use the hands to deeply massage. I've avoided the towel technique because I don't see how friction can be good.

I haven't bought a Growband but they may be an easier way:

When you realize that the galea aponeurotica plays a large role in MPB then the growband starts to make sense.

LLLT (low level laser therapy) can help to a degree too. http://overmachogrande.com/ This guy seems to know his stuff.

Zinc and riboflavin are known as 5AR inhibitors meaning deficiency can cause hairloss, this is likely tied to Hypervitaminosis A caused hairloss.

It's been a while since I looked at that study you posted but I think it's very problematic. Others have done good posts explaining why it's not to be trusted.

I think that the hair massage techniques may work for some while for others they won't at all due to what is actually causing the hair loss in the specific person and whether there are factors that they haven't dealt with that aggressively cause hair loss like Hypervitaminosis A. Some report more hair loss after doing the hair massage techniques.

My belief is that for many depleting vitamin A will lead to a drastic decline in further hair loss, for someone in their early twenties that is dealing with the early stages it may be an answer to their prayers.

I do have hope that hair can be regrown to an extent, after all some drugs can cause it so if our biochemistry is tuned in the right way hopefully we can see some regrowth.

Practically for somebody that has significant hair loss the best way forward may first be vitamin A depletion, getting enough sunlight, having a diet that contains enough micronutrients like B vitamins, iodine, selenium etc etc doing everything they know to be healthy and then once no further hair loss occurs to consider FUE hair transplants without the use of drugs. I'm going to continue depleting vitamin A and if I start to see even the tiniest amount of new growth I will avoid transplants but if I see nothing I will consider FUE transplants.

I have no idea if cold exposure would be helpful, keep in mind most of the world's population live in tropical and subtropical areas and never feel cold. Hair was also useful against sunlight, given LLLT helps I'd say sunlight on the scalp may be helpful.

Where I grew up we have a stream that flows out of a forest, even in the middle of summer it is ice cold, very invigorating to jump in there for a bit but no way in hell would I subject myself to cold showers outside the hottest part of summer. I try to minimize hot showers though since hot showers liberate chlorine and fluoride and warm water is not good for the testicles. I prefer luke warm showers.

Thanks for the write up @tim-2, good stuff.  I know some people that have done FUT or FUE and it does look great and natural, but without drugs the hairloss just starts right back up again, but it does give you about 5-6yrs with replenished filled in look, then right back to where you started.  Maybe getting to low VA time of 4-5yrs, then trying them would be more beneficial...

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