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Cancer, Diabetes, etc.

Selected extracts from « The Invisible Rainbow » from Arthur Firstenberg (half of the book is composed of scientific references so for those seeking the « proofs » and « science », please get the book, you have hundreds of scientific articles, journals, etc. in the second half of the book. The whole book is extremely well documented and leaves absolutely no doubt about what lies behind modern epidemics. He doesn’t mention poison « A » but speaks about copper/zinc ratio within the myelin sheath of the nerves.

Some interesting excerpts from the book (again, read the book for the references):


« The effects of radio waves on blood sugar are extremely well documented. »

« In the late 1950s, in Moscow, Maria Sadchikova gave glucose tolerance tests to 57 workers exposed to UHF radiation. The majority had altered sugar curves: their blood sugar remained abnormally high for over two hours after an oral dose of glucose. And a second dose, given after one hour, caused a second spike in some patients, indicating a deficiency of insulin »

« In 1964, V. Bartonicek, in Czechoslovakia, gave glucose tolerance tests to 27 workers exposed to centimeter waves - the type of waves we are all heavily exposed to today from cordless phones, cell phones, and wireless computers. Fourteen of the workers were pre diabetic and four had sugar in their urine. »

« In 1973, Sadchikova attended a symposium in Warsaw on the Biologic Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation. She was able to report on her research team’s observations of 1’180 workers exposed to radio waves over a twenty-year period, of whom about 150 had been diagnosed with radio wave sickness. Both pre diabetic and diabetic star curves, she said, « accompanied all clinical forms of this disease »

« Eliska Klimkova-Deutschova of Czechoslovakia, at the same symposium, reported finding an elevated fasting blood sugar in fully three-quartet of all individuals exposed to centimeter waves.

« Valentina Nikitina, who was involved in some of the Soviet research… she reported that people who maintained and tested radio communication equipment… had, on average, higher blood glucose levels than unexposed individuals.

« Attached to the same medical centers at which Soviet doctors were examining patients were laboratories where scientific were exposing animals to the very same types of radio waves. They too reported seriously disturbed carbohydrate metabolism. They found that the ACTIVITY OF THE ENZYMES IN THE ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN, INCLUDING THE LAST ENZYME, CYTOCHROME OXIDASE, IS ALWAYS INHIBITED. THIS INTERFERES WITH THE OXIDATION OF SUGARS, FATS, AND PROTEINS. To compensate, anaerobic (non-oxygen using) metabolism increases, lactic acid builds up in the tissues, and the liver becomes depleted of its energy-rich stores of glycogen. Oxygen consumption declines. The blood sugar sure is affected, and the fasting glucose level rises. The organism craves carbohydrates, and the cells become oxygen starved »



« The causative factor in the origin of tumors », proposed Warburg, « is nothing other than oxygen deficiency ». When cells are deprived of oxygen only temporarily, glycolysis takes over during the emergency, but ceases again when oxygen is once more available. But when cells are repeatedly or chronically deprived of oxygen, he said, respiratory control is eventually damaged and glycolysis becomes independent. « If respiration of a growing cell is disturbed », wrote Warburg in 1930, « as a rule the cell dies. If it does not die, a tumor cell results ».

« Electricity, like rain on a campfire, dampens the flames of combustion in living cells. If Warburg was correct, and chronic lack of oxygen causes cancer, then one need look no further than electrification for the origin of the modern pandemic.

Other subjects further in the book:

Weston Price visited peoples with no electricity (they were isolated). These people, when electrification came, got the same diseases as the rest of the world. This is thoroughly explained in the book with all the graphs, numbers, details, etc. Same for Amerindians in the « Reserves ».

The author also goes on to analyze in detail not only rural American States (each one had an increase in chronic diseases matching exactly the electrification/radiation levels throughout the years but also countries like Bhutan. Bhutan, until recently, had no electricity and no radio waves. They had  virtually no chronic disease and diabetes was completely unknown for them. After electrification of country and without changing the diets of the people, mass chronic diseases, and mass diabetes appeared all of sudden, in a matter of years. Again, all graphs, numbers, stats, etc. are in the book.

Detailed explanation (backed with all details) about the « pandemics » such as influenza etc. with relation to radio waves and electrification is then given. The « Spanish influenza », as an example among others, appeared at the same time as radio waves and followed the steps of telegraphs/radio towers during the WW1. Now that 5G is getting deployed, « Corona » follows (interesting that regions with most « Corona cases » are regions with most 5G and other electrical appliances and that it « moves » with the installation of new towers etc. Here in Switzerland, for example, the « Corona » clusters match exactly the « radio waves/electricity » clusters and places with very moderate/almost non existant electrification are completely immune to the « plandemic ».

ONE LAST REMARK: I have personally asked people to test the « theory. » of the book. They did. 7 people have gone, together (+me) in a EMF-free zone in France (near Switzerland). The zone is for extremely sensitive people but you can go and sleep there. There are absolutely no radio waves nor dirty electricity whatsoever (You have that kind of zones in the US too and one in Canada as far as I know) Result ? All symptoms from chronic disease disappeared within HOURS (not days but HOURS). 2 people among the seven had diabetes, both type 1 (young child) and type 2 diabetes (a 40 years old woman) - they had normal glucose readings at their extreme surprise and amazement. After coming back to « civilization », after a short time their blood glucose was not normal once again (more quickly so for the type 1 diabetes case than the type 2 who remained « normal » for about 3 days).

In short, it is a book really worth reading.

My best guess with relation to « poison A » is that ANYTHING that interferes with metabolism of fats, sugars and protein will deprive the organism of oxygen and in due time cause problems (and of course anything which lowers oxygen in the body, whether directly or indirectly). In our modern civilization the three main culprits working in tandem (I can only guess that based on my many observations and direct experience) are poison A (chronically depriving organism of oxygen and destroying it), electromagnetic fields in which we bathe constantly, and bad respiratory habits (mouth breathing, hyperventilation, etc.). Once again, correct breathing patterns and habits are VERY IMPORTANT as explained in one of my old posts (because it restores oxygenation or at least stops the degenerative processes done by the toxin A, EMFs, etc.).

Thus, as a conclusion and from direct experiences (I have witnessed it), avoiding EMFs completely (without any other change) results in symptom-free living and spontaneous joy. Getting rid of vitamin A and restoring breathing to normal patterns while avoiding EMFs as much as possible seems to me to be the one and only solution to reverse modern chronic diseases.

Hi Dino, thanks for the info!  Glad to hear from you again!

@dino thank you for your post, I wasn't aware of this book. I totaly agree on the dangers of EMF.

I fail to understand why autorities says that we need more studies about EMF safety when we have already more then planty to draw solid conclusion. I am writing an article about EMF safety and I am having an hard time deciding which study to include because there are soo many good ones for every sector.

I am also from Switzerland, here it's unbelivable how many towers there are in every city. Fortunatly I live in a rural area where we don't have any close cell tower. But in september I will have to go back to my study location and there I have a cell tower 100m from my bedroom. I am considering moving.

Where is the place in France that you have mentioned?

I would like to hear you opinion about the EMF pollution in Switzerland, you can sent me an email at essentialmat@gmail.com and we will get in touch

Hi Mattia,

It is in the Drôme region you can find it easily through google by searching "emf free zone sanctuary France". I will contact you by email we can eventually meet and have a talk. There is a reason for our western governments not to talk about EMFs (nor about hypervitaminosis A etc.) but I prefer not writing about it publicly.

There is indeed a very rich and detailed scientific litterature especially in the eastern countries but it has never really been translated and has been kept secret in the west that's why not many "western" people know much about it and usually simply dismiss it without even inquiring further. Most notably ex-URSS countries have researched the topic for at least the last 70 years and have thousands of papers unfortunately most in cyrillic.

Switzerland is quite terrible concerning electrosmog that's why it is one of the countries where "modern" diseases are so rampant (people consume also lots of retinol which does not help either) and depression is very common as well.

You can however do a few things to protect yourself and reverse the damage.