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Is my diet reasonable? One week in

Hi everyone,

I'm about one week in, with the following meal about six times a day:

- instant white rice (enriched with 2mg niacin, 1mg iron, 70mcg folic acid, 200mcg thiamin) soaked in water, about 1 cup

- canned black beans, about 1/4 cup

- extra light olive oil, 7 mL

- also 500mg vitamin C twice a day

Looks like only 1,680 kilocalories total.

I personally would not do instant rice but instead sushi rice or another rice that is not fortified with toxic substances.

That seems low on calories. I require more than this to feel adequate.

Instant rice is also precooked which can also be problematic regardless of fortification. See Resistant starch thread.

I would strongly recommend adding meat. If you're vegetarian, look up seeds and nuts for additional vitamins and minerals.

Salt and pepper are also useful and should be used to taste.

@dan Welcome! 🙂

You could run into problems on your current diet for two reasons:

1) It doesn’t include B12. If you are vegan, it’s important to supplement B12 to prevent anemia.*

2) It’s low in calorics. Most adults eat somewhere between 2300 to 3200 calories daily in order to function optimally, depending on gender and size (teens and adults younger than 25 can easily consume around 3000 to 3500 calories daily, as they still have growing to do).** Lots of energy is needed to maintain and repair the body, especially when you are ill and there’s damage to be healed beyond the usual wear and tear.

Also, as @sonia mentioned, if you’re not already consuming salt, sodium is an essential nutrient.

Wishing you health, Dan!


*source: https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/nutrition-and-health/nutrients/vitamin-b12/what-every-vegan-should-know-about-vitamin-b12

**source: https://edinstitute.org/blog/2011/9/14/i-need-how-many-calories

Response #4 was puddleduck (in a hurry and forgot to sign in xD).

Hi Dan,

I agree with what others are saying here. Your diet looks to be too low in protein, and overall calories.



There's no good reason to be a vegetarian. Don't play russian roulette with your health.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  I've doubled the beans and olive oil to land around 2,300 kilocalories.  Also I've added 500 mcg B12 (cyanocobalamin).  I also supplement salt, which I didn't mention earlier.  I note the concerns about resistant starch, lack of meat, and fortification, but I'm choosing not to explore these at present.  Thanks 🙂