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My progress report

I am early into the Vitamin A detox.  It's been maybe a couple weeks since I quit the mega Vitamins that supposedly cures eye problems and prevents all kinds of ailments.  I had other supplements that today I dropped-quit taking all together.  Even the low dose Vitamin D.  I had been taking msm, 1 or 2 alfalfa tablets, and recently flax oil but that flax oil was to replace the cod liver oil but now I think it best to quit that too.  I wonder what to do with the supplements now.  Should I take them to the toxic waste facility? 

Anyhow,  the change I see is that of my skin.  The last couple days my scalp isn't driving me crazy with me wanting to itch it.  And the " sun spots"  on the side of my face are not as prominent.  My skin feels better.   Last night I only got up 2 times to pee.  Oh, For a week now my pee isn't dark orange.  No change in the eyes yet.  I hope the damage isn't permanent. 

I thought I would have a problem with the black beans but I like them.  And so far I haven't had any problems with the small amount I have introduced to my new diet. 


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@sussan Hi. Stay away from any kind of omega 3 oils especially flax and cod liver oils. They oxidize really fast and are really damaging unfortunately.. People following Weston Price eating cod liver oil are dropping like flies with brain tumors..  If you want add fats stay with monounsaturated and saturated fats so olive, macadamia, avocado, coconut oils.. Alfa Alfa also bad idea and MSM(sulfur) is depleting your molybdenum which is very hard to get mineral.. While detoxing vit A you can take low dose B complex, like 15mg of zink with dinner and if you have issues with histamine, allergies or you can't tolerate alcohol well you are maybe low in molybdenum. So you can try like 200mcg a day.. I wouldn't take anything else . Especially not things like herbal supplements etc.. We have no idea what they are doing in human body. I think it does more harm than good..

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Thank you Jiri,

I was wondering about those supplements.  I appreciate your input and support. 

Hi @sussan I agree with Jiri, the only supps I would touch are what he has listed.

I only use Allithiamine which is fat soluble B1, it is consistently the only supplement that has seemed to help me, and not give negatives, some of the other Bs in supp form give me trouble, so I stick with beans at most meals.   So many negatives from every other supp experiment I have tried over the last decade.

Good luck, and be patient, the changes will take a long time to start adding up.


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Your input helps.  I will get those few recommended supplements today.  I quit the others yesterday and I haven't had any bad reactions quitting them either.  I also quit using a sunscreen a week ago because it has astaxanthin in it.  I made my own with zinc oxide and Vaseline.  I am fair skin so I think I need it till maybe I get rid of the overload of Vitamin A. 

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This morning was a first in a long time that my eyes didn't feel like rocks with acid on them.  I started those recommended supplements last night.  I feel I am making quick healing so far.  I am doing hard core detox Vitamin A right now.  I normally don't drink coffee but am starting to drink black organic coffee for the detoxing.  I do like the taste though so for now it is something I am trying.  But I also see other issues that need to heal.  Such as needing to feel calm.  I have studied meditation for years but how could that help when I feel like  acid is burning my eyes?!.  Another is my hair turned dark over the years and normally it is light.  And I also feel my decision making is zilch.  Creativity died long ago.     Notice how Grant talks and his writing.  It shows he has a calm about him.    We get the poison out of our bodies and our lives and we can really live.   Just a thought. 

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I have read that a woman's hair will darken with time, that that was normal--but who knows.  I found that mine did too, starting out blonde and going to taupe and then boom, white!

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