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New Baby, post Vitamin A


A newborn is never an easy task! I sympathize with you. I have a 13 months old. 

For the cradle cap, I recommend massaging coconut oil on the head left on a few minutes and then a baking soda (1tsp-1tbsp) bath. The cradle cap went away overnight when I did that. I was using olive oil with my first and it wasn't as drastic an improvement.


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Hi Sarabeth!  I've been thinking of you.  Although I was very HOPEFUL...I suspected there might be at least SOME issues, I mean, this diet isn't magic and this process takes so frickin' LONG!!!!   Ah well.    He's digesting well!   That is so good.  IMO he could actually be detoxing (cradle cap and acne)... Awe look, so cute, the baby is already detoxing!  (this is me trying to joke)

I get so nostalgic and a little jealous thinking of you with your little one and wish you the BEST.  It goes by so fast.   🙂


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Just checked my labs from this past May - my serum A was 33.8. I've never had it checked otherwise so I don't know how it compares...

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Quick update:

After much agonizing and work and effort and confusion...my baby became fully breastfed after ~a month of pumping and bottlefeeding! The switch happened two weeks before we moved into a new house, so I've had little chance to breathe overall. 🙂

Baby will only nurse while I sit in a very very uncomfortable position, despite all my efforts to date to get him to nurse normally....but you can't have perfection, I guess! My milk continues to agree with him and he is hugely happier and healthier than any of my first four (they are wonderful kids with many talents, but all had tummy troubles until we started our Vitamin A detox, so that's a lot of years of hurting tummies including babyhoods!) When his tongue tie was preventing him from eating enough, his weight went from the 53rd percentile at birth to ~0% at 7 weeks. After gradually improving at nursing for several weeks after he re-started...he is now 3.5 months and back up to the 26th percentile and growing fast.

I am also occasionally (once or twice a week) eating dairy and eggs and tiny bits of gluten (rye), which used to cause my other babies great distress. They don't seem to bother this baby, which I think speaks more to the improved state of my gut than anything else. My gut is finally improving, rather than deteriorating!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We eat tons of meat these days, still mostly gluten-free starches like rice (I would LOVE to be able to do sourdough wheat, and will trial this again at some point soon) and yuca, and as many beans as I can convince everybody to eat. Just a few veggies, and some apples and raisins and occasional maple syrup with pancakes. Dairy: a very small bit of yogurt and raw cheese a couple times per month. An egg or several every week.

Improvements that I am still hoping/wishing to see in my family overall: better gum health/less tightness in the lips and gums, better sleep for certain family members, cessation of nighttime urination for one child. We'll have to see how seasonal allergies progress this year after moving to a new home across the continent...

What about calcium?? How are we getting enough of this for growing kids??

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Curious ObserverRachel

Hi Sarabeth, so excellent!  I'm rooting for you!  yay!

Is the realm of dairy out?  Because i really did see my tummy-trouble kid getting benefits from yogurt as I've posted about.  And that was back in the bad old days and I would have been giving him too much VA...

So happy for you and your baby! Well done.

I would not worry overmuch about calcium. I was born very premature and did not want my mother's milk. I w<as fed on fish soup from the start. All my siblings were nursed normally and we all developed vA problems during our lives, I would say theirs were worse than mine.

I did not suffer from calcium problems more than they did, even though I did not drink more than a bottle of milk total from age 0 till age 55. We all overdid it on cod liver and caviare though.

This vA free baby will be different from the others. Very interesting to see how as time passes.

Thank you very much for your update. This will help many.

Dr Garret Smith's new video might interest anyone who is reading this thread because it delves deeply into reproductive issues and VA.