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No More Burning Skin

Hi Eliza

Thats great news.  I can't imagine how good you are feeling right now being able to eat so many foods after so long a period on a heavily restricted diet.  It must feel very liberating.

I too am on a highly restricted diet.  I don't have the burning and itching issues that you did.  For me when I try to introduce other foods I get gut pain, some bloating and increased constipation.  I also sometimes get headaches and mood issues. 
 My gut simply seems to feel raw.  A bit like if you graze your knee and anything touching it stings.  Did you get any specific gut symptoms?

My gut symptoms seem to get worse the longer I persist with trying a new food and I usually give up after a few days but I have pushed on for up to two weeks before without success. 

I was wondering if any of this is similar to your experiences.

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@rachel, I did experience constipation at certain points, including while on an all beef diet, as well as whenever I tried adding a new food one at a time, such as rice. Beef and potatoes (and potato chips) didn't cause me constipation. Oddly, adding all of the foods at once and hanging in there past the first two days seemed to do the trick for me. Not that I am recommending that to you or anyone else! And I know it's only been a month, but a month is longer than I've been free of these symptoms in so long. 

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@eliza1275 Thanks for this update, you are probably right;  being too restrictive does allow for certain nutrients to be missing.  I am getting to a point that the healing is going well, that I have been OK with occasional breaks as well.  Kind of the opposite, but I see where you were coming from, glad things are going much better for you!

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