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Progress 19 months saraleah11

  19 months into low A with focus on lowering carbs for the last 177 days.   I  cut out rice, oats, bread, potato, as I kept getting random flareups of autoimmune disease,  I wanted to see what would happen. Hopefully no harm in it, I do get carbs from low A root vegetables and beans. With an occasional low A carb night.

   I was astonished when several weeks ago a very painful corn between my toes, that I have had for over 15 years, suddenly peeled away like an onion. I have hardly worn heels for 11 years, so it wasn't from that. I more active than ever. Gym, walking.

   I had been to the foot Dr three times for that thing, he said live with it.  The toes look a little straighter, which is probably why (For years I served cocktails part time in heels, and dressed for the office in heels, every day, takes an ugly toll on your feet.) Low A? I think so.   I think my bones are healing.  Its a small thing that makes me very happy. 

   As for other improvements I have made gains in the gym, lost fat especially where it is very hard to lose- dropped 8 lbs and my hair is not shedding. Vision is still crystal clear. And auto immune rarely flares up, if so I can trace easily as the diet is pretty limited.  Still gray hair but I don't care as long as its thick, never hungry..hope this helps someone

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lil chickArena

@saraleah11 F YES! Great read, love it! Congratis on improving health, happy for you! Would you mind sharing your diet last 177 days? What did you switch out carbs with?

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lil chick

Saraleah, that is amazing!  I agree with Arena, more please! 

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Thanks, Arena,  I do feel good for my age. I'm a weightlifter but not an endurance/cardio athlete. I think Keto low carb diets are very hard on hormones, thyroid. Not convinced, so I keep my carbs reduced but not Ketosis low. I lost weight anyway dropping rice, potatoes and sugar.

    Diet is beef, chicken, turkey, including turkey bacon, egg white, white fish. For carbs beans, black eye peas, chickpea, white beans, black soybeans.  Macadamia nuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, coconut. For vegetables a small amount of iceberg lettuce, celeriac , rutabaga, kohlrabi, turnip, sauerkraut. Onions, garlic, olive oil, sesame tahini. Vegan mayo has no egg yolk, have to check labels well. Theres a vegan cream cheese without Beta Carotene I buy if I can find it. Some Tofu. This isn't zero A but I did close to zero for months, first.  After all this time I have added a cup of Greek yogurt a few times a week, no added A on the label but you never know,with strawberries or blueberries, coconut, sugar free dairy free dark chocolate chips.  Water, and I KNOW diet coke is bad but I have it once in a while. Looking for a fiber supplement/ low carb protein bar and open to suggestions.

No sugar unless its a carb night- one day a month allow whatever as long as its low A.  I'm not a drinker so I dont know how this would work if someone was. 

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Matrixiklil chick

Thank you so much @saraleah11! I would get too thin if I didn't eat those carbs, but if I didn't I sure would drop them! Your diet looks awesome, though, I hope I can get there as well some day, but right now it is as close to Grant's diet as possible!

I'm not a drinker either, God I don't miss drinking at all, but I do run a lot, so I suspect I need some more carbs than you, maybe, but maybe I'm wrong =)

   Lucky you Arena, for being able to have carbs without weight gain.  I did as close to Grants diet as possible too, for over a year. I think its an amazing healing discovery, and I am so grateful to have found his books and this discussion.

   I just have no off switch for rice, sugar, bread or potatoes. Especially chips. I didn't gain on strict low A but my body composition wasn't where I wanted it. I have no plans of EVER abandoning this way of life.  Grant mentioned some people have done very well on carnivore diets too. Whatever way gets us out of this mess.