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Please read this / Glucocorticoid (steroid-)-induced disease

Thanks Dino, for the explanation!  Wow I love the idea of a Joy Rush, and I do get that it could be a part of being human. 

I remember in one of my favorite books the author wrote that a person should rise from bed in the same manner as delving into a cold stream, and that the person would find each just as refreshing.

Just an update as I called my friend before a few minutes and he basically told me he has no more symptoms (but waited to call me to be sure "it works")... I inquired and he told me that shortly after our last meeting he cut out milk (because of out discussion on A), did some research and started a diet of 100% lean beef with lots of olive oil (he researched and told me the ratio of vitamin E/A in olive oil is very high and since E and A are "competitors" he wanted to try whether lots of olive oil would help him, starting with the postulate he had too much A among other things). Basically he told me something like "if A is the problem then protein, zinc & E should do it so lean beef/olive oil is straightforward". He continued the cold baths melatonin but is quite sure it is the beef/olive oil that works.

I did a rapid search about olive oil and he may actually be right as it appears very high on E and quite low in A, but have no time right now to inquire more about it. Also it may be the "carnivore" side that works or the "ketogenic" or something else.

By the way if he's indeed right then it would mean that this is an "easy and rapid cure" for hypervitaminosis A...

What are your thoughts about it?

olive oil in not that clean it has oleuropein, also fatty acid composition is not great (less compatible with what body normally stores in its deposits). 


Apparently that is removed during oil extraction and fatty profile may or may not be good the question is more about E/A ratio and A removal. From what I see from known sources E/A ratio is very high. 

To state question differently, has anyone had a bad experience/reaction with olive oil? Has anyone a research paper or something which shown a ratio of E/A that is not high (depensing on type of olives etc.). Does anyone think that E/A ratio is actually not important here?

Also for the record, he does not use salt at all, just cook the meat in olive oil then adds olive oil on the meat and eats it that way.

Lots of olive oil is consumed by some people I know here from Italy Greece Croatia etc. and they are usually quite healthy so it makes sense for me but have never gone "in depth" into that subject so am interested if someone has done his research and knows more about it...

Interesting, @dino =) I got a bit afraid of olive oil after a user here pointed out is made my eyes bad because of all the carotenoids, but stopping the olive oil has certainly not made anything better. Would be interested to hear what people think about the question about the E/A ratio <3

Vitamin E makes the liver store more Vitamin A. Garrett Smith posted a couple of articles about it.

Olive oil, if it's the unrefined virgin type of oil, has plenty of carotenoids. 

Quote from salt on March 3, 2021, 12:25 am

Vitamin E makes the liver store more Vitamin A. Garrett Smith posted a couple of articles about it.

Olive oil, if it's the unrefined virgin type of oil, has plenty of carotenoids. 

That would be my suspicion too, that the high vit E is pushing circulating retinoids back into the liver and making him feel better.  This would provide a temporary "fix" but isn't helping him get the vit A out. 

I also thought about that immediately and intuitively but then how so we make sense of the fact that many people from the mediterranean live healthy long lives yet they consume quite a lot of A (cheese, tomato, etc.) and lots of olive oil every single day? It cannot be a "quick fix" in their case as many of them live into very old age like 80-90 even 100+. Switzerland is full of people from Italy Portugal Croatia etc. they use liberal amounts of olive oil with almost every dish and those who stick with their traditions (fish like cod and sardines, meat, cheese, tomatoes, olives, etc.) are visibly and clearly much healthier than most people from Germany Belgium England etc.

If E was "hiding" the A in the liver so to speak they would have many problems at some point dont you think so?

Maybe its the sun but that would not explain it all as in Switzerland we have not much of it all year long...

Olive oil would explain it better as it is the single common factor among these people which we find all the time.

Anyway I'll follow my friend results closely as I am very interested in his long term results if he continues in that way.


I've previously posted with information about how a lot of olive oil is actually a mix of olive and other oils, there is a lot of fraud occurring. Genuine olive oil tends to be quite strong tasting and is unappetizing to some. It's a great source of E and K though with no vA, both of those nutrients are using up when depleting vA. It's also a good source of the trace element vanadium. Light green foods like grapes, cabbage and olive oil that are low in vA and high in K are excellent.

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I'm not versed scientifically to debate this on Dr. Smith's network. But, my gut tells me that E shuffling A to the liver would help with processing it since it's the liver that's responsible for transforming toxins into more excretable metabolites. Having it in circulation does seem to wreck havoc, so better send it to the waste management :D. You might not want too much of it or you risk overwhelming the liver, but the amounts for in foods would probably help.