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Riboflavin's role in an important VA detox pathway


Not related to VA but I'd like to share this with you in response to your comments.

I think it's likely that a major recession hits before 2024. The IMF has been openly discussing the likelihood of another great depression happening soon. I believe that it has been deliberately created to initiate a transfer from the USD as the global reserve currency to a supranational currency. It is also designed to destroy a significant portion of people's net worth as well.

Many people have been buying gold over the last decade due to fears of a collapse however I believe that gold may be being used to defraud millions of their wealth. There is a whole industry setup to get retail investors buying gold. Gold is currently in a Wyckoff distribution. Wyckoff was a legendary trader who taught retail investors how not to fall prey to smart money. Basically a Wyckoff distribution is when market makers pump the price of an asset and then keep it within a trading range while they sell and then when they have almost finished they dump the remainder and cause the price to plummet initiating a new market cycle. Because of Gold's derivative market its price can balloon and deflate more easily.

I think that property prices and stocks will plummet too. Developed nations have also been busy passing laws to allow bail ins to occur. Bail ins rather than bail outs meaning that depositors bear the brunt of debt the bank has to pay to stay afloat. For these reasons I have come to believe that physical cash while it is still legal tender is really our only option to preserve our wealth for the upcoming recession. Very few will agree with what I'm saying because most have been conditioned not to think like this. Many preppers etc mistakenly believe that hyperinflation will occur. Cash will actually deflate, increasing in value, which is why elites don't want people holding physical currency. Bitcoin and especially Ripple XRP are also possible ways to protect wealth, they have small market caps and have a lot of room for growth.

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@ Tim,

Interesting perspective. Why hold cash physically as opposed to leaving it in the bank though? And which currency are you referring to? I have physical gold stored and USD held in my checking account currently, but have been considering BTC as well as alternative options.


Because of the development of bank bail in regulations, Cyprus may have been a test case. Also, I assume for the same reason you hold physical gold, if you don't hold physical cash or have your crypto in your own hardware wallet it isn't yours. Bit out of my knowledge level to know the best fiat currency so for me it's just my national currency. Gold can keep rallying for sure but I think over the next decade it will likely be bearish. Basically the risk return on it is poor imo. I could easily be wrong though.

Im bullish on Bitcoin but there is no historical precedent for it to know what it will do in a recession. It is likely going to continue on a long term bull trend though and it's got a small market cap for plenty of growth. Volatile though, not everyone can handle holding it...

Im extremely bullish on Ripple XRP and think it will be the dominant crypto in the future. Google and other elite interests are behind it. The intention is for it to become a global reserve currency. Basically they need a digital currency that is not backed by anything but itself and is trustless, they need a coin for what they term the internet of value which will allow machine to machine micropayments and other benefits. It will become a core part of the internet like tcp ip or html. It's already being used commercially for crossborder payments. Im actually really opposed to globalism but buying this stuff cheap and selling it much higher is not supporting it, it's gaming their system that they are implementing for their benefit and as part of the coming mass defrauding that is coming.

The meme they are pushing in the media to the naive public is crypto is shady, volatile, essentially worthless etc. Also "cash is trash"...

I think crypto is at the start of another bull market rn which will culminate in mid 2022. When the market caps have exploded and there is a lot more downside risk the media will flip its script and crypto will be the best thing since sliced low va bread. That'll bethe time to sell or for more experienced traders, to short sell hehe

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Ah yes I hear you on that. I had to find an article on that to refresh myself. Looks like accounts over $132k USD lost 47.5% of their savings! That's outrageous. But that's how it starts... Pure theft. Makes sense what you're doing then. I will have to look at Ripple more. I don't really understand it. Wonder if I should put some dough into that and BTC as part of the portfolio then. You make an interesting point on Gold. It has maintained value for 5000 plus years though. There's no question it will always retain some value but the question is if it is going to pull back below 1000$ or if they will heavily tax it in the future if it goes up a load. Lovely governments...

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@tim-2   you wrote "I am currently taking Metagenics CandiBactin-BR. It is very good. Most of my bowel movements are now solid. I still have gas but it is less. Once I have finished it I will move onto the other product I ordered called FC-Cidal made by Biotics Research. Both of these products I found out about from a published study."

The site you had linked a few weeks ago for SIBO (https://sibocenter.com/files/Dybiosis.pdf) includes the following about herbal antibiotics:    " The two different  paired formulas are listed in Table 1below (FC-Cidal plus Dysbiocide or  Candibactin-AR plus Candibactin-BR)"

Curious why you didn't do one of the pairs they recommend but took bought one from each pair?    Is it because of your symptom of loose stools/diarrhea?   


 I couldn't get Dysbiocide from Australia. I don't think I could find the other metagenics one either.


I've been reading a sibo facebook group.   Many on there say those herb antibiotics didn't help or made them feel worse (die-off?) or that they had to repeat.   One woman said that many don't have success because they didn't take enough or for long enough.  She in fact was a patient of Dr. Mullin who was at John Hopkins where that study on the antibiotics was done and reported she had to take all 4 since she wasn't responding to just a pair and that she had to take 2 or 3 each, 3 times a day.  Some in the group responded with dismay.  She was also on a prokinetic and something else (or maybe 2) that I'm blanking on.   It worked and she hasn't had issues since.  I believe she took them 10 years ago.    

Have you read many success stories, or just the published paper?


Just the paper.

Herbs and antibiotics are really all we have for killing harmful flora. We obviously have to work on our health at the same time to get long term results.

I suppose I'm in the camp of people who have tried all the bad-bug killing herbs and decided they were too harsh for me.  This was early on in my explorations.  Herbs can be as harsh or harsher than drugs, when it comes down to it.  Anything strong enough to heal is strong enough to harm.  I grow and store my own herbs, I love herbs, but I use them quite sparingly.  For germ killing, I turn to garlic the most often.  The cullinary herbs are nice in that they are traditionally known for not killing you off too fast, LOL. 

I did snarf down many years of home-made kefir and then finally declared that my gut was as good as it was going to get.

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@lil-chick The problem though is that SIBO kills you slowly too. Heart disease and other terrible stuff.