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This book will change your life (100%, "overnight")

@jaj and @tim-2 thanks for sharing! I’m not sure how to implement all this knowledge into my regime, but I appreciate the rich stream of science. Wish I learned chemistry and biology before my eyes went to shits <3

@orion you know what, that might be a good idea! Maybe even just walking at first to see where my nose breathing threshold lies! Thanks! 

@lil-chick I would do walking/cardio any day before local exercises like sit-ups, but that is me 🙂

Tim - That sort of unfriendly comment is just my point. 

Dr Smith does not put ADH & ALDH together. ALDH is a special concern (but certainly not for everyone). I don’t know how you can comment on Dr Smith’s work when you don’t follow him. You make some incorrect statements about it which i think is misleading to others. 

There are very few people doing the detox and researching vitamin A toxicity. We all need to support each other in this sometimes difficult path. 

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Quote from JAJ on January 19, 2021, 7:43 am

I was going to reply to the errors in some of what Tim said but I’ve changed my mind. I don’t like the negative exchange which it inevitably becomes. It disturbs my peace. ✌🏻 

@jaj No it was a fair response to this toxic comment you made about my post. I hadn't attacked you in any way, I had just respectfully presented my view.

I've read his forum, I've watched a lot of his YT and I've listened to podcasts like this one:

Ep. 63 Interview Dr. Garrett Smith: Vitamin A is Still a Poison and Other Discoveries

22.15 he discusses the "dehydrogenase system" ... and does so in many other places as well

So you're incorrect about him not discussing them together but I'm not sure why you want to argue about this, it's creating arguments out of nowhere, as I said the ADH/RDH discussion wasn't even the main point of my post.

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Quote from JAJ on January 19, 2021, 9:26 am

There are very few people doing the detox and researching vitamin A toxicity. We all need to support each other in this sometimes difficult path. 

I strongly agree however you say this but at the very first opportunity you make disparaging comments to my well researched and well thought out contribution without healthy discussion which is what forums are for. So you're supporting others selectively.

It's important to support others but it's even more important to be constructively critical since there is so much misinformation in this sphere of knowledge and it's an ethical obligation that we continually seek to refine our knowledge so that we are not contributing to the plethora of misinformation that rather than help others contributes to a lack of healing.

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Online discussions are so hard because you can't always feel the intent of someone's comment, or they way they are offering it. 

I know in the past I've had so much trouble with it.  I have a hard enough time with people in real life LOL.  In other words I tend to piss people off LOL.  Without meaning too.

Sometimes I even look back at my own online comments and see how they might appear crankier than I meant them too.  I try to apologize when I do see this.    Writing is harrrrd.

Tim - Well let’s just agree to disagree then. We are obviously not going to agree on this. I think you are rude. You think I’m rude. Let’s just leave it. 

Dr Smith’s programme is an ever evolving programme. I think the material you are looking at is very out of date. His Mighty Network is where his current work resides. I don’t agree with him on everything (obviously no one agrees on everything) but I think he makes an invaluable contribution to the vitamin A toxicity discussion. He is treating & testing large numbers of people for vA toxicity. Who else is doing this? 

@are    Thank you for the feedback. I have never heard of anyone reporting about that before so don't really know why it happens but you are absolutely right - you should always "listen to your body" so the only valuable advice I guess is that if it doesn't feel right don't force. Maybe at this point you should try Wim Hof instead. Start slowly with 1-2 series of the breathing then a cold shower (start with warm water then finish with the cold if it is too agressive to start with cold directly). Never overdo; if you don't have very positive results after 3-4 days or feel worse then you should definitely look for the solution elsewhere.

By the way,  do you have overall improvements when "at rest"? Do you feel more energy, easing of symptoms, better sleep, etc.? Is it only when you make an effort that this happens and the rest of the time everything goes much better or do you see basically no difference? If that's the case then something must be wrong - I've witnessed something similar from someone who tried Buteyko with various problems (it just didn't match anything I've seen or heard before) - after some testing it was a calcium deficiency - once corrected the problems vanished with many other symptoms and the person resumed Buteyko with no further trouble.