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to the people who have permanent symptoms from taking accutane, do you get sick less after this began for you?

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hello. i’ve been struggling with mental and physical problems as a result of taking accutane or a single dose of trazodone. i believe i have finally found the reasoning for these symptoms. please read this with an open mind, i know it may be very unbelievable but i have a strong suspicion of it being true.


ive been a part of countless forums over the past couple years because of my debilitating symptoms. i’ve read many posts about different drugs causing these issues, and always leaned to the gut causing the issues, but recently i stumbled upon a post where a gut got similar issues to me from a topical steroid, this threw me off, and i couldn’t understand why.


this is where i kind of gave up on the gut theory, but then in this guys post he talked about the immune system, and i always had a suspicion about the issues stemming from a dysfunctional immune response. now this is where things kind of clicked for me. i ended up going through a group with CFS, they had almost identical symptoms to me, especially this one guy who wrote his detailed story and further confirmed my suspicion. he wrote about his issues stemming from a virus and treatment with an antibiotic. after two years of trying to be as healthy as possible, he barely made any progress. but then he explained he miraculous recovered after coming down with an ear infection. his doctor claiming that this set the immune system back to it’s normal functioning ways.


now i’m sure plenty of you believe that accutane got rid of your acne because of shrinking the pores, but this is just false. it’s because of the immune system dysfunction that switched and is now keeping your acne away. i can back this up with personal experience. after doing a fecal transplant, i felt well for two days, during these two days i had like 30 pimples on my back. a large portion of the immune system resides in the gut.


now this is where i went to the covid longhaulers group on reddit, and to my surprise they had the exact same issues as me, after either receiving the vaccine, or coming down with covid. this is where i found this article about a drug called BC 007, alleviating peoples long covid symptoms in hours. these treatments were done accidentally to one guy who went to an eye clinic for help with glaucoma, and they used this drug experimentally, during treatment his long covid symptoms slowly vanished. the mechanism of this drug is to neutralize the autoantibodies left after a vaccine or covid infection.


i will leave the articles about this in the reply’s as i’m writing this on my phone.

how the drug works, https://berlincures.de/pipeline/

an article showing the experiences of the people who miraculously recovered,


Have you tried it? 

Quote from Keero on December 18, 2021, 4:23 am

Have you tried it? 

the drug isn’t available the the public yet. but i’m very confident it will work. did you know that there has been trials to use accutane to fight covid side effects? it’s because retinoic acid activates the immune response

Accurate to fight COVID side effects? This is terrible.

Quote from Ourania on December 18, 2021, 10:45 pm

Accurate to fight COVID side effects? This is terrible.

of course it’s terrible. but apparently it works. there is also countless amount of people using antidepressants for their covid symptoms, which also cause issues like accutane. SSRI apparently increase retinoic acid signalling. i just shared this as an example that fits the theory. i thought the issues i had were permanent until i performed a fecal transplant, which returned all of my body functions. including oily skin, acne, sweat, basically any function that was interrupted by the immune response caused by accutane. this may seem like the fecal transplant fixed my gut which caused the body issues. but the fecal transplant triggered an immune response that made my body flip back to a normal immune response. i continued with the fecal transplants, but this triggered an immune response that flipped me back to where i felt awful. i can prove this because i developed covid toes during this time, this is red bumps all over my feet, i actually had these before accutane, but only like one was active at a time. after the fmt, i had probably 10 red bumps all over my feet.

What were your post-accutane symptoms, and how it went after fecal transplant? If fecal transplant helps maybe some bacteria are good in eliminating retinoids..

What tests did you have to rule out gut dsybiosis?

I have had many infections since having had Accutane and I would not say I made any miraculous recovery.

Hey nicopickle. Thanks for the interesting line of thinking. i will look into the drug you mention.

What is your current state of health after FMT?

What are your symptoms now if any?


I ask because I had 2 weeks of FMT years ago now. I didn't get any benefit from it.


I have gone very far down the rabbit hole of nutrition. At the moment I am doing a very restrictive diet known as PKD. I feel very good on this diet but it's highlighted the issues i've had over many years. It seems obvious that exacerbations in my symptoms comes from consuming retinol and the response is autoimmune. Accutane did something to the way my body reacts to retinol. It's easy for me to recreate. I can do it by consuming liver for example. I feel severely poisoned and the symptoms will last for many weeks. It's like I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Same thing with eggs and dairy. What's even more interesting is that the same thing happens with alcohol. Alcohol does not contain retinol but I believe there is established science demonstrating that alcohol releases retinol from the liver and adipose tissue into the bloodstream. This would explain why I get the same symptoms.

I'd be really interested to know what you think about all this and if you've observed anything similar?




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