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weird feeling after eating chicken breast..

@r-2 I never heard about issues like this from eating meat... Try ground beef and chicken/turkey thighs. Don't eat chicken breast or steaks... I think if it is fatty meat with some connective tissue(different amino acid profile) it can help...

Thank you. jiri , I will keep my hopes up , that's the only thing I can eat without anything any issues 😛

@r-2 It could be Vitamin B6 toxicity. I did steak and rice for a year, before realizing that beans were so crucial. B6 toxicity causes neuropathy, numbness and tingling in the extremeties. I can manage now with a little ground beef (palm size portions) but chicken and turkey are the absolute worst, very high in B6. 

@lynn322  I was thinking that it can be B6 toxicity, but I don't think he would have the same reaction taking B complex or taking B6 alone.. I think that it is from beta alanine for sure...


yes , for sure its not b6 , Although I ate a lot of meat , but b6 from meat would never exceed 5mg even if we ate 3 lbs a day . And I don't have a history of taking b6 ever . Though I was skeptical of b6 toxicity , I brought B6 10 Mg and took it for couple of days , and it didn't give me any symptoms . 


Moreover when I am not eating meat , I eat diet full of potatoes , bananas  which are full of b6 , but I dont get any reaction from them . 

It is some form of amino acid toxicity , could be beta alanine or something else , but for sure is not some form of deficiency . 
I gave up meat for 2-3 months. and now I am only eating 3 times a week ( 250 gm each day) , and fingers crossed my symptoms are disappearing and becoming less severe . So I think over next 5-6 I will recover completely . I will always. be easy on meat from now onwards . 250 gm a day is enough . 


@lynn322 You are right , beans and other foods like potatoes , bananas are crucial . Just meat and rice is a terrible idea. 

When I think about this problem, my mind asks:  "What makes your mouth water?  What do you hanker for?"