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Perhaps this is an "orthorexic" effect of sooooo many years on restrictive diets (including 2 crazy years of nearly entirely carb-free and definitely fruit-free GAPS), but my kids and I ALWAYS love and long for fruits. In various lists circulating around the Interwebs, I was under the impression that cherries were included in the low-A fruits category along with most berries and apples (INCLUDING the peel) and grapes. Some people question pineapple. I have seen avocado listed as high A, but we'd sure love to eat that!

None of my kids are clamoring for kale, surprisingly 🙂

Since I was a veggie-eating vegetarian for the first 30 years of my life, perhaps some habits die hard. 🙂 But it's hard to make up ones mind about what to eat on a low A diet long-term. One of my kids is totally jonesing for basil pesto. I would love some cheese. I was thrilled to find organic grapes at the store the other day, and could eat them all day...

Lil Chick, I like your ideas about seasonality. It must be a part of things, because only very recently was it possible NOT to eat seasonally!

I'm definitely in the protein-is-important camp, but sure wish I could figure out whether to feel okay about the few fruits and veggies we do eat. 🙂

@ourania & @lil-chick thanks for your kind words last week. I’ve had a little rest but I learn way too much on this forum to stay away for too long 😀

Any contribution I make to the forum is because I have been detoxing since Oct 2018 on Dr Garrett Smith’s programme. I’ve made many mistakes & learnt a lot & feel my experience can be useful for others so they don’t need to make as many mistakes as I did. I also have a grasp of the science (I think). However, I don’t have the time, the inclination or probably the brain power at the moment (brain fog is a detox symptom for me) to make my comments fully watertight & referenced. Therefore my comments are just from my understanding & my understanding could be wrong. However, they will be based on being immersed in this topic for the last 20 or so months so may have some use to others. 




Quote from JAJ on June 24, 2020, 2:29 am

Any contribution I make to the forum is because I have been detoxing since Oct 2018 on Dr Garrett Smith’s programme. 


Just curious to know if you have had any blood tests done over the course of your detox. I have been at it since February 2019 and my blood levels have stayed almost consistently near the higher end of the lab ranges (near 57 ug/dL). It was eye-opening to see that after 1.5 years of virtually no VA, my blood levels can still be so high. I fear I might have at least another 1.5 years to go on my low VA diet. :/


@mmb3664 I’ve not got much to add on this I’m afraid. I didn’t test my serum retinol at the beginning (I wish I had) & when I tested it 9 months in it was over 70. This was at a point when I was stuck in a bit of a detox cycle I think & not processing my vA well. I need to get it tested again. I’m hoping I’ve come down from that peak. Getting vA blood tests where I live is a bit of a pain as local hospital won’t take the blood so I’ve not done as many as would have been useful. 

Are blueberries ok? We have 5kg of wild blueberries here. I would like to eat like 50-100g a day for a while. 😀

@jiri, My take on blueberries, cherries, raspberries etc is they are nice as a small condiment.  I can't think in metric system, but IMO a spoonful of jam is what seems like a good amount of berries to me at one time.   I've had some issues with doing more than that.

A few berries garnishing your breakfast pancakes or porridge is nice.

I have been making freezer jam with sugar, berries and a little lemon juice.  (be careful with glass in the freezer, I keep mine in a box in the freezer)   No pectin.  I don't care if it sets.    I've been making muffins with a spoonful of this jam in the center, it is a fun presentation.  Apple pie with a small amount of berry jam added is so nice too.    Salad dressing can take a bit.   Hubs made tea with a little of it.