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"electrolyte protocol" by Gbolduev

I also do not think that hair testing to be a good method, I have heard how people handed over their hair to different laboratories and received different results.

It's not that I'm trying to dissuade anyone here, it's just that you should keep in mind all of the above.

You should also know that there have been cases of poisoning people with mineral supplements that contained large doses (hundreds and thousands of times more than those indicated):


@daniil I think A LOT of health problems are from mineral imbalance. So deficiency in some and toxicity in others.. Most people eat the same diet whole life. They do same things, jobs etc.. This pushes the body to one direction and that is imbalance. Unless you are very lucky OR you know what you are doing so the diet, life style etc. keeps your minerals in balance.. I see it as most people get toxic in things like vit A, copper, iron, heavy metals and low in things like selenium, zinc, magnesium, molybdenum, chromium, B1 etc.. Of course that doesn't mean that someone is not toxic in chromium because he works somewhere where they use this metal or some athlete can be low in copper, some girl can be low in iron etc.. But in general. I think it's like that.. And yes Gbolduev is not perfect. But generally what I was reading from him makes sense for me. Especially because he is looking on everything from biochemistry lense.

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