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"electrolyte protocol" by Gbolduev

Somebody can find this interesting. It is not directly for vit A toxicity, but more for people with "chronic fatigue" for people who crashed after taking finasteride (Post Finasteride Syndrome) etc.. I learned a lot from this guy..


This program was posted in 2012 . And has not been changed since then pretty much.

DETOX procedures are very important part of this program. You need to get all the drugs out of your system, for that you need to increase sulfation. LOOK AT DETOX PART. YOU HAVE TO TAKE THAT PART DAILY

THIS IS A PROGRAM which is not specific .To see which cofactors you need I strongly advise you get a hairtest and a program, especially for people who have little experience with balancing or minerals since taking minerals can move your body chemistry very fast in different directions and if you don't understand what you are doing. It could be dangerous.

This is 1 case of an imbalance, we possibly can have high or low chloride cases here.


1) Stress, alcohol, overmasturbation, heavy metals toxicities, minerals deficiencies cause systemic protein deficiencies and pancreatic insufficiency. This leads to low levels of all amino acids since dietary protein is not being able to be broken down in your small intestine and stomach due to low levels of HCL and pancreatic enzymes.
2) Low amino acids lead to low systemic protein and also low HCL, so this is vicious cycle. This puts the body into alkalosis. With losses of chloride and potassium and magnesium.
3) Metalothionein and glutathione obviously go down since amino acids are down, you become toxic in metals and viruses and toxins. Especially goes down metalothioninein MT3 in the brain. This works on copper zinc histidine and cysteine. The lack of this protein causes alzheimers, POIS, parkinsons. Since the lack of this protein activates glutathione transferase and glutathione transferase sucks up all the glutathione which is needed for other processes. like hydrogen peroxide break down etc.
4) Low gluthatione increases inflammation which effects tryptophan break down by IDO enzyme. Since to support this new extra need for glutatione body is trying to recycle it and spends tons of b vitamins on it.

Melatonin is what keeps you immune system working properly and your body healthy. IDO enzyme which is induced in alkalosis causes low levels of tryptophan since tryptophan is used for production of NAD to create more ROS in a state of hypoxia ( alkalosis). PH regulates antioxidant oxidant system. In alkalosis chloride is lost and potassium is low. This causes hypoxia. To generate more ROS body takes tryptophan breaks it down into NAD to create more ROS in hypoxic state.. Body has to keep serotonin low since potassium is low. This causes low melatonin and aging.( dont take melatonin or serotonin precursors, it does not work this way EVER ) Taking NAD in this case will worsen hypokalemia. To create more ROS you should just get out of alkalosis and this will fix excessive tryptophan breakdown. Suppressing serotonin with drugs or staying away from tryptophan makes absolutely no sense here. People who advice to do this , don't understand the IDO regulation and purpose. It is not good to take extra tryptophan and serotonin precursors in this body chemistry without getting out of alkalosis, But it does not mean you have to stay way from tryptophan and serotonin and just kill melatonin to even lower levels than it is . Your goal is to keep production of serotonin HIGH and conversion to melatonin HIGH. This can be achieved only in potassium magnesium chloride medium. If you take serotonin precursors in low potassium condition this will cause anxiety and lower potassium even further. SO dont take serotonin or melatonin.

Solutions for PFS, POIS, CFS & PSSD Cancer, Diabetes, and general health.

You need to quit all the hormones unless you have organic damage of some organ like thyroid. or ovaries or testies.
You can't get fixed by taking thyroids, progesterones etc. since when you take the hormone it screws up the enzymes. Enzymes make hormones and hormone goes up only if the content of the enzyme is present.. This supports the hormone action. thyroid hormones only go up when there is glutathione present, selenium , cysteine. iron since this will support the oxidative stress which thyroid hormone will cause. This is why D1 enzyme is selenocysteine enzyme. Same with progesterone, same with cortisol. Those hormones simply are not needed . Good example will be pregnenolone , which causes iron to go down. And then this causes hairloss in people taking it. When you take pregnenolone it will mostly go into estrogen side.
NEVER take steroids. DHTs, or any hormones for that matter. They simply don't work and cause harm. Don't take stimulants. Pre workout supplements. You will not need pre work outs on this regimen. Electrolytes should be your pre workout and not caffeine.

You are in alkalosis so taking calcium is not good for you in the beginning. You first need to get out of alkalosis .Leafy greens and almond milk will be good sources later on when your metabolism speeds up . taking aspirin is NOT good for you , since it chelates copper lowers histidine, lowers chloride, and causes calcification. Aspirin does not belong in your body. Taking fat soluble vitamins is not good for you , since they stop bile production. and your bile is not working and very thick as it is. You need to restore the bile flow. After you do liver flushes, all your fat soluble vitamins will be working on their own. and you will get them all from food. Vitamin D will work when you get out of alkalosis. Lactate will fall when you have enough potassium in the cell. Some people have low cortisol - never take cortisol. It is just your potassium is low.

Also NEVER suppress serotonin. Serotonin is needed to make melatonin. With this program, your serotonin will go more into melatonin. Staying away from tryptophan ,suppressing serotonin with drugs is NONSENSE and NOT NEEDED. You need to convert this serotonin to melatonin. YOU CAN't take melatonin orally . Never do this. Getting out of alkalosis will increase conversion from serotonin to melatonin. and you will be getting tired at night more and have much better and very deep sleep.

IDO is induced in alkalosis to create more ROS in hypoxic state. When you get out of alkalosis IDO will go back down , this will increase tryptophan , and this will increase serotonin levels and the conversion into melatonin. Taking NAD in alkalotic state does nothing but lowers thyroid. Since taking NAD will inhibit IDO, this will increase serotonin, but serotonin won't convert into melatonin in potassium and chloride deficiency. And this will cause hypokalemia. Potassium is what makes the cell sensitive to thyroid hormone.

TAKING CO2 beverages, TAKING strong acids that don't belong in the body. ALL LOWER CHLORIDE levels. without chloride your potassium and immune system won't be working. This is why CO2 therapies, drinking carbonated beverages ARE NONSENSE. Proper levels of CO2 will be created during metabolism when you have high potassium and magnesium and chloride level in the cell. This will make sure that your thyroid hormone works properly . Taking CO2 from outside, lowers metabolism and can cause chronic infections.( seen in people with COPD ). Chloride is what your inhibitory system works thru .( GABA) This is why without chloride metabolism can't never lift up. And without chloride you will have hypokalemia. Glycine also does not work without chloride and potassium magnesium in the cell. Glycine lowers metabolism when potassium and chloride magnesium are present and acts as soothing neurotransmitter. without chloride Glycine acts as NDMA receptor agonist. This is why gelatin really lowers metabolism when taken in alkalotic state and does not work. and gelatin only works when taken with magnesium potassium chloride HCL. Same goes for pentose pathway which is thiamine dependent. Without potassium , NADPH is not created in pentose pathway, since thiamine will lower potassium , instead the NADPH production takes place in Krebs cycle during the steps where NADH is usually created, using malic, isocitrate and alphaglutarate subtrates, this lowers levels of NADH and causes chronic fatique.
So it is suggested to use vitamin B1 glycine,( gelatin) NAD, only when your magnesium manganese chloride potassium stores are good. Those supplements will do you good then. And should be taken with this protocol

IMPORTANT: Since a lot of people use computer and more and more people spend so much time in front of the screen
TRY to use FLUX program on your computer or adjust the screen not to have blue light in the evening. We need to keep conversion of serotonin to melatonin HIGH.

The core of this is to keep you out of AKALOSIS. and increase metalothionien MT3, which will lower pressure on your glutathione enzymes free up glutathione and it will be used for other processes.

1) HCL for the stomach ( you can go up to 10 capsules after protein food) but normally I would take 1-2
2) enzymes wth every food, including trypsin chymotrypsin to break down proteins. ( wobenzym , BIO ZYME)
3) ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS in free form, patches or predigested ( Platinum essential amino acids, essential amino acids, whey protein)
this way you restore amino acids and your systemic protein can be made ( ceruloplasmin , ferritin , gluthatione , metalothionien etc)
4) Increase cofactors for gluthatione and metalothionein (glutamine, cysteine, selenium, zinc, histidine, TYROSINE, glycine) so your body can detoxify heavy metals and toxins. You can use some gelatin for this. Gelatin does not work in alkaline environment and causes more damage by activating NDMA receptor. Since glycine is excitatory if chloride is absent. Gelatin should be used if you are using tons of HCL and potassium and putting your body away from alkalosis. In this condition gelatin will work and do you good. YOU ALSO USE vitamin B1 and folic acid to speed up the process of restoring metabolism
YOU CAN TRY TO TAKE LIPO GLUTATHIONE , always take it wiht vitamin b1 and b3/ tyrosine or Phenylalanine( which is better) cysteine. selenium ( if in slow oxidation) otherwise it will make you hypothyroid. Copper and zinc and manganese
5) Do hair analisys and get on nutritional balancing to fix your own enzyme system and see which cofactors you are missing like manganese or zinc or copper. If you dont do this, you can take a multivitamin to support present protein synthesis but the minute you go off amino acids, you will crash, since your own protein synthesis wont be there, since you did not deal with body chemistry you just bypassed enzymes. Need a good multivitamin since you are missing folic acid, iron , zinc, b2 from having low stomach acid.

TO GET A HAIRTEST AND ADVICE FROM ARL CONTACT Catherine Kater_am@yahoo.com. YOU will be provided a hairtest , a program how to fix you ,exact diet for your case and you can also buy supplements from ARL so you dont have to do combine it yourself.

A MULTIVITAMIN to use if you gonna use one, should be NUTRIPLEX , whole food. This is the only one I know that makes it from real food. All others just feed synthetic minerals to yeast and say it is whole food.
You can try to use shilagit instead
6) Increase Selenium ( methionine, sodium selenite) intake. According to your hairtest. I took up to 3000 for my cancer. You need to play with this and see if it fits your body chemistry. Some fast thyroid people will not do good on this. Selenium from selenium methionine does get off. And does increase D1
7) Electrolytes magnesium potassium chlorides. .
PSSD people or people with low sodium in blood, should add sodium chloride to this. After you get out of alkalosis , calcium chloride could be added and played with
If you have volume expansion with high sodium , start with magnesium potassium then add sodium and calcium. If you have low sodium. then take sodium and potassium chlorides. you could also use sea salt.
8) HYDROGEN RICH WATER. THIS CAN CURE YOU ON ITS OWN. Hydrogen rich water will allow the metabolism to run as maximum speed. And will have sugar metabolism open at all times.
9) NADH 10mg a day in the morning. Better to get it in sublingual form OPTIONAL since NADH could generate ROS. and in some people this won't be good
10)) Malic acid. 1g a day.( you will use this for liver flushes anyway)
11) СOq10 Ubiquinol form OPTIONAL
12) IDO inhibitors OPTIONAL
13) Take EGCG for detox support. DAILY Optional
14) some people would need to add CU-GHK and vitamin C components to this protocol as many who recovered did.( this is if multivitamin won't be enough) OPTIONAL

PFS Protocol

Finasteride. binds NADPH. NADPH recycles glutathione. lack of glutathione causes complete close of sugar metabolism. Since glutathione is needed to get rid of hydrogen peroxide and glutathione is needed in glutathione transferase to get rid of toxins and drugs, including finasteride. So finasteride stops its own metabolism and I would assume can even build up.

So you need to increase glutathione transferase and also increase NADPH . glutathione transferase has histidine in it. Also it asks tyrosine to activate the glutathione. ,You can take with b vitamins( b1, biotin) , vitamin C and E, eat good fats( butter) and take bile acids. and shilagit , also cysteine selenium histidine. Also you can take SOD components, zinc copper manganese. chromium this will metabolize finasteride out of your body.

Finasteride impairs bile flow, and impairs 5 beta reductase.
5 beta reductase makes your bile acids, without bile acids you will have a build up of cholesterol and malabsorption of fats. and mainly phospholipids and you will have bilirubin stones in your gallbladder which completely blocks all your bile flow.

this will cause deficiency of lipids needed for the brain , sex, fat soluble vitamins etc and you will have very thick blood since cholesterol wont be used and wont be disposed off.

This is why I said to do liver flushes all the time. Also you can take bile acids. chenodeoxycholic acid plus cholic acid. 5 beta reductase makes those . These 2 acids will dilute all your stones and let you absorb all the needed lipids from the diet. After years of fin your gallbladder had zero bile acids, means it is solid green mass with very little bile.

Also you need to eat good fats, plus vitamin Bs, since b vitamins make NADPH and NADP those are needed for 5 alpha and 5 beta reductases. Also you can add vitamin C , since cholesterol is converted down the line into 5 beta reductases by vitamin C and NADPH which fin impairs.



And vitamin B vitamins plus vitamin C and vitamine E
Bs ratios. 600 mg of thiamin HCL, 500 mg of B5, 100-200 mg of b6 and 250-500 mg of niacinamide, along with 3-10 mg folate and some B12 to balance out 100 mg of riboflavin. biotin 1000

SOME PEOPLE WILL DO BETTER ON more vitamin B2, than b1. So you can experiment with the dosages.

Plus flush the liver over and over again. This is the problem in PFS

Delta 4-3-oxosteroid 5 beta-reductase deficiency: failure of ursodeoxycholic acid treatment and response to chenodeoxycholic acid plus cholic acid.


THIS IS NOT A KETO DIET. YOU need to eat carbs with your protein at all times.

1) Egg whites 16 a day preferably raw,( make sure you heat them up to deactivate avidin) completely supports gluthatione. If you have histamine reaction to this, add 100mcg molybdenum.
2) juicing Breuss fast components daily.( beets etc) this is a must

3) Diet

30% carbs, 50 protein, 20 fat. Vary this by increasing carbs with physical activity. If you sit at home and move less eat less carbs, if you move more eat more carbs.

Good carbs= rice

Good protein= sea food in form of shrimp, oysters, mussels, octopus , non fat fish, tuna is ok.

Plenty of vegetables( like Kale, spinach, etc) PUT HEAVY ACCENT ON SPINACH AND KALE and BROCCOLI and try to eat it with every meal.

Some fruit, not much. Apples , nectarines, all kinds of fruits that you like.

Milk wise, I recommend almond milk for calcium.


  1. coffee enemas daily at first, then once a month
  2. liver flush once a month for the first year, then twice a year.( Andreas Moritz style)

Fasting. I highly recommend fasting. once a year . One long fast of 20-30 days.
4. Thiosulphate ( this increases clearance of finasteride out of your system.
5. Epson salt baths


You should consider Figi , or Volvic with high levels of silicic acid. This will keep at bay high aluminum environmental pressure.

POIS CFS and VVD risk groups;

1) Epstein barr, herpes, Lуme, CMV people, since that mobilized gluthatione and all its precursors leading to induction of IDO. It is impossible to kill these viruses without changing body chemistry. DONT EVEN TRY--- it is waste of your time.
2) Bodybuilders ------ they have low levels of amino acids, or taking wrong amino acid complexes with limiting amino acids. They take hormones and this bypasses enzymes which dysregulates antioxidant systems
3) Marijuanna smokers-------cadmium in marijuana antagonizes selenium and zinc like crazy . Gluthatione goes way down , which induces IDO
4) Overmasturbation leading to low zinc and especially selenium levels, and also high histamine use on arousal, which lead to histidine deficiency, and histidine zinc and B6 make HCL, no HCL no bicarbonate, and no enzyme activation in the small intestines leads to low levels of amino acids which leads to inflammation and IDO induction
5) People taking supplements , multivitamins ---- without amino acids , there are no carrying systemic proteins in body and all you do with your supplements is make yourself even more toxic in free unbound metals, which will mobilize glutathione and metallothionein again and will cause POIS. CFS

Hey @jiri, I did the full protocol for probably close to a year, with hair analysis and some long water fasting as well, and it did seem very helpful, but never progressed into full healing.  This was the last protocol or experiment I had attempted, after doing everything under the sun to get my health back...  ended it when I discovered Grant's work in Nov 2018.

@orion Well his recommended diet is basically low vit A diet + he talks about not taking fat soluble vitamins, because it stops bile production. So it should help with vit A toxicity as well even if you don't know you have it, but follow this..

@jiri Yep it is lower sort of low VA, but he does not believe that VA is an issue like Grant does.   But he does think avoiding VA after accutane is probably a good idea.

Heh I think most people don't believe that vit A is just a non essential toxin.. 🙂

Anybody here taking things like ubiquinol, glutathione, NAC etc..? I ordered some NAC and ubiquinol. Will see if it helps with something..  

I've tried NAC, I heard it's good for disrupting biofilms as I have thrush, it did nothing for it and made me feel worse, lol.

Gbolduev's posts are interesting, I don't know what to make of most of his stuff, sodium bicarbonate makes me feel relaxed almost instantly after I take it, which makes me believe I am in acidosis, his therapies are very convoluted however.

@kurtis I think NAC are sulfurous amino acids so you need to take molybdenum with it.. You can buy NAC from NOW foods that has also molybdenum and selenium with it.. 

NAC is crap:


I've tried NAC, I heard it's good for disrupting biofilms as I have thrush, it did nothing for it and made me feel worse, lol.

Exactly. Thats because NAC shutdown endogenous production of antimicrobial peptides, that are far better biofilm crackers than NAC itself and other "antioxidants".


sodium bicarbonate makes me feel relaxed almost instantly after I take it, which makes me believe I am in acidosis, his therapies are very convoluted however.

another crap what bicarb does is moving macrophages from M1 to M2 state (anti inflammatory).

you can not be in acidosis since blood PH is very tightly controlled