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I’ve now crossed the nine-year point on my vitamin A elimination diet experiment. I’m sorry to disappoint some folks, but I’ve not died, I have not gone blind, and I’ve absolutely no signs or symptoms of vA deficiency.

Other than that, like with last year’s update, I don’t have much new to report on health wise. This past year for me has been pretty much a steady state of good health. The only noticeable change has been that I feel my energy level is a bit higher and more consistent throughout the day than compared to last year.


I’m continuing with my standard prison food diet. The only change I’ve made is that I often swap out the rice for a white sourdough bread. This change was mostly due to the concern of getting too much arsenic from the rice. However, with the bread there’s a similar concern with glyphosate. Therefore, I now bake my own bread using a locally grown organic flour that’s glyphosate free. However, I do have a preference for rice and still eat it at least a couple of times per week. I just usually cook it using the parboiling technique.

Some specific health indicators:


My vision remains excellent. I feel that my vision has slightly improved from last year, but I haven’t had an eye exam to measure it. My night vision is very good too. I’ve had no episodes of reduced night vision.

Body Weight and Strength

My weight remains very steady. My strength in the gym remains excellent. I’m cycling more now that it is summer. I try to get in about 20 km per day.


Overall, I’d say my skin condition / health is about the same as it was last year. However, the age spots on my face have significantly faded this year. Over the years these age spots have cycled through periods of different variations of darkness. After about the first three years of my elimination diet the age spots had faded maybe by about 50%, but with no significant change in their size. Then, at about year five they once again became quite a bit darker again. Those changes in darkness might just have been due to my face being exposed to varying amounts of sunlight over the seasons. But, this year the age spot on the right side of my face has shrunken down to almost nothing. Originally, it was about the size of a dime. Now, it’s about 1/10th that size. I expect that it will be completely gone in a few more months.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good before picture of that age spot, but you can somewhat see it in this video interview with Judy Cho.

Why Eating Liver May Not Be Good: Unspoken Truths about Vitamin A

The age spot on the left side of my face has also reduced in size. It’s now about one half its original size. But, the damage to the skin there is much deeper and more severe, so I expect that it might not ever fully disappear.


I continue making plasma donations, and I’m now on donation # 38.

My dental health continues to be very good, with more progress on reversing gum recession. Of course, that improvement has been totally unexpected and most dentists probably consider it to be just impossible.

Another surprising change over the years has been the way my body regulates temperature. I’m now pretty much never too cold or too hot. I’m very comfortable in hot weather and sweat very little, and like not at all until I’m in very hot and direct sunlight for like 20 minutes or more. Even if I cycle 20 km in bright sunny weather I don’t sweat. And somewhat likewise for winter weather. When I go skiing in the cold temperatures (say -20°C ) I’m perfectly comfortable. And since I basically don’t sweat much at all, my feet remain completely dry in my ski boots all day long. That’s a huge factor in dealing with cold winter weather.

The realistic timeframe for health recovery

One of the most surprising things to me is that even after these 8-9 years I’m still seeing these small improvements. Clearly, making a full recovery from vA toxicity can take a very, very long time. I had no idea about that when I first started. Of course, I also had no expectation, or even hope, that a vA elimination diet would yield any results. So, I’m very grateful for the results I’ve had, regardless of how long they’ve taken.

Although using an elimination diet alone does work, obviously we sure haven’t figured out the best and safest way of recovering from vA toxicity and its damage. Realistically, we are still in the early days of figuring it out.

This has got me thinking more about the real timeframe and why it takes so long. I guess it kind of makes sense if we look at it from the following perspective. We are not just talking about reducing or eliminating excess vA from our liver and tissues. No, that’s only half the battle. The second half is then allowing the body enough time to repair all the damage that has resulted from the prolonged vA toxicity. Therefore, if we consider:

  • It usually takes decades of vA accumulation to result in disease. In my case I now know I started to have symptoms of vA toxicity in my mid 20s. Yet, it wasn’t until age 46 that I really got into trouble with CKD. And then it wasn’t until age 54 that the eczema showed up. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised to see that it can take about half those 30 years of over accumulation of vA to de-accumulate it and to heal the body.
  • We know that it takes about 18 years to fully grow an adult human body. And that’s during the optimal growth years of our lives. Now as adults, say in our 40s, 50s and 60s, after having a chronic disease condition for an extended period of time the body has been significantly damaged. To what extent the body’s tissues are degraded, malformed, damaged, atrophied etc is going to be highly variable and individual. But, in my case I’d guess it to have been about 50% damaged. Therefore, at my age I don’t think I should be too surprised to see that it can take a decade or more to repair and rebuild that amount of damaged tissue. Of course, it also might not be even possible to ever fully recover.

Additionally, different aspects of my health have improved at different rates. I’ve made the following sketches approximating that progress. The health scale is from 0 = death to 100 = perfect health for my age. Generally, my overall health recovery has been a slow, but mostly progressive, process with a few periods of relapses / reversals.

Whereas, my joint health made a much more dramatic improvement. My joint health hugely improved almost literally overnight (on day 21 of my diet) and has never regressed.

The recovery of my skin health has proven to be the slowest and most problematic. I’ve had many setbacks and relapses, and of course with different areas of my skin responding / recovering at different rates. Since the skin on my hands was the area worse affected by eczema, and also severely damaged by steroid creams, it has been the slowest to fully recover.

Anyways, as I mentioned in my Tackling the Detox Setback blog post, I think I might have recovered faster if I had continued taking soluble fibre and activated charcoal. And maybe I could have been more consistent with zinc supplements. But, even that is risky by itself. So, combined with being generally paranoid of supplements I didn’t want to risk messing up my gains.

Repeating the 1925 Wolback and Howe study

For the last three or four years I’ve talked about wanting to repeat the 1925 Wolback and Howe study. That is because that’s one of the standard things you do in science; repeating experiments done by others and proving that we can replicate their results or not. Therefore, I was originally planning on having a university repeat the study using small animals. When the pandemic hit those plans were put on hold.

Then, I was thinking that we probably don’t need to do the small animal experiment at all. If we conducted some lab testing of casein samples heated in alcohol and verified that retinoic acid is indeed produced in the process then that would be sufficient. Finding retinoic acid in casein itself would completely disprove Wolback and Howe’s fundamental claim that their rat feed was vA free.

Of course, I went looking to see if I could find existing research on the heating of casein. At first I could only find reports about the pasteurization of milk mysteriously reducing its vA content by about 30%. The reason I say mysteriously, was because they weren’t asking or explaining what happened to that missing 30%. That unasked question being: what did the missing vA convert into?

Well, a more recent search turned up this paper.

Binding of vitamin A with milk α-and β-caseins
P Bourassa, CN N’Soukpoe-Kossi, HA Tajmir-Riahi – Food chemistry, 2013

The binding sites of retinol and retinoic acid with milk α-and β-caseins were determined, using constant protein concentration and various retinoid contents. FTIR, UV–visible and fluorescence spectroscopic methods as well as molecular modelling were used to analyse retinol and retinoic acid binding sites, the binding constant and the effect of retinoid complexation on the stability and conformation of caseins. Structural analysis showed that retinoids bind caseins via both hydrophilic and hydrophobic contacts with overall binding …

The number of bound retinol molecules per protein (n) was 1.5 (±0.1) for α-casein and 1.0 (±0.1) for β-casein, while 1 molecule of retinoic acid was bound in the α- and β-casein complexes. Molecular modelling showed different binding sites for retinol and retinoic acid on α– and β-caseins with more stable complexes formed with α-casein. Retinoid–casein complexation induced minor alterations of protein conformation. Caseins might act as carriers for transportation of retinoids to target molecules.

Caseins play an important role in stabilising retinol, which does not degrade over time or during heat treatments.

So, there you have it. Casein is not only a natural binder and carrier of both retinol and retinoic acid, it actually does so on more than a 1:1 ratio molecule for molecule. Therefore, the 1925 Wolback and Howe study diet was not only definitely not a vitamin A free diet, it was actually quite high in both retinol and retinoic acid.

Wolback and Howe had assumed that they had removed all possible sources of vA in their rat diet because they had removed all the fats. With the “vitamin” thought to be exclusively fat-soluble they wouldn’t have known, or even considered, that the casein protein portion of their lab diet included substantial amounts of it too.

I’ve updated my 2002 blog post The Early Rat Studies and Casein with this new information.

Anyways, that’s it, it’s game over for the 1925 Wolback and Howe study. As suspected, it’s completely garbage science. It’s toast, dead and finished. The same goes for every follow-on study claiming the ridiculous, and fabricated out of thin air, BS that we somehow need this horrible chemotherapy drug to “regulate” our gene expressions. Or that we need it to control our stem cell differentiation, keep us from going blind, dying, and on and on. Those studies, and it’s probably thousands of them, are now all garbage, complete junk “science”.

Not to be too dramatic about it, but these stupid and corrupt “studies” have resulted in the poisoning of hundreds of millions of people, and of course children, from around the world. Unfortunately, and very tragically it continues to go on to this day. I highly doubt the poisonings will ever stop. There’s just too much money being made off of it.

Naturally, many people will be asking how could so many in medical “science” have been so wrong for so long? Well, it’s primarily due to the nature of this field being almost entirely focused on business and profits. There is actually very little genuine interest in real science as far as I can tell. Secondly, we’ll never get more than a few people from the medical “science” field to come to terms with and accept the new fact that vA is not a vitamin, and that it is therefore nothing but a toxin.

No, there’s no way the medical establishment and governments will ever allow that to happen. They’d have to admit that they’ve been (inadvertently or secretly) poisoning most of the human population for the last 50 years. Then, there’s the fact that vA is highly likely the primary driver behind the chronic disease and cancer epidemics. Those are Big Pharma’s annual multi-trillion dollar sacred cash cows. Actually finding the root cause of disease is the very last thing the medical establishment wants to do. No, all they want to do is to perpetually “treat” di$ea$e.

No doubt many people will react to those statements equating them to some grand conspiracy theory. Well, many corporations and governments are conspiring almost every single day. That’s their normal operating procedure. It’s just a standard business practice, and technically speaking it’s usually not illegal. Then, if and when something does go wrong they just lie and cover it up. That is absolutely another long established standard operating procedure of governments all around the world. It is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy fact, because it happens all the time.

In the last few years we’ve all had front row seats witnessing just how the corporate-government conspiracy SOP playbook is applied. And seeing how obscenely corrupt and degenerate it really is. Since the roll-out of the poison needle there’s been a huge increase in excess deaths. In Canada it’s running at about 50,000 excess deaths per year. In the UK it’s about 80,000 excess deaths per year. In the USA it is about 500,000 excess deaths per year. In the EU it’s running at about the same rate. So, we are easily talking about one million or more people who have suddenly and mysteriously died that shouldn’t have. To be clear, this is not conjecture, those numbers are based on government collected and sourced data.
Here is a good overview / summary of the situation with the excess deaths.

Of course, the increase in excess deaths is happening in all age groups, including children and youth/ young adults. We had the owner of a casket manufacturing company in the Toronto area do interviews on alternative media about the surge in orders he’s had for child caskets. He said it’s like nothing he’s ever seen before in his 20+ years of being in the business. He said he was even getting bulk orders for the child caskets.

I personally knew one of these innocent young victims. He was my neighbour’s son. We knew him for most of his young 17 years. He was very athletic and played hockey every season with my son. He was a strong, perfectly healthy, happy kid. He had his whole life ahead of him. But, his bright future was abruptly cancelled by the “science”. Similar sequences of events have happened to thousands of young people right across the country, and around the world.

So, what’s been the response from the Canadian government, and actually from all governments all around the world? Silence, absolutely nothing!

What’s been the response from the medical “sciences” community? Silence, absolutely nothing!

What’s been the response from nearly all doctors and pathologists? Silence, absolutely nothing!

What has been the response from mainstream media? Total silence…shh.. crickets…..

How can that be? How can there be ZERO interest from governments to even start to investigate this huge surge in excess deaths, and the deaths of tens of thousands of children? Well, their silence tells us everything we need to know.

Yes, we know exactly why there’s no interest. It’s because they already know precisely what’s going on. Of course there will be no investigations; not now, and not ever. It all needs to be hushed up, covered up and concealed using every and all means possible. Virtually none of our so-called political “leaders” (what a joke) and others in “authority” are going to even mention it, let alone ever admit that they’ve colossally f’d up. Many of these people listed above are also very handsomely paid off (rewarded) for their silence. That is the corrupt standard operating procedure in action.

Of course, we know absolutely what’s happened. It’s the poison needle! I mean seriously, even a child could piece it together. Yet, in the middle of this very serious and real crisis our governments, and law enforcement agencies, are going to do absolutely nothing about it. I’m aware of a police officer in Ontario who wanted to start an investigation, and he was promptly fired. In a somewhat similar case Constable Helen Grus of the Ottawa police force was brought up before a disciplinary tribunal for just accessing a database while starting to look into the pattern of unusual sudden infant deaths (SIDS) in the region in 2021.  Can you imagine that a police officer just starting to look into the suspicious deaths of infants is now effectively a crime.

It’s a very dark and dangerous time in our so-called democracies. Clearly, it’s no longer: government for the people, by the people. No, it’s now: government for Big Pharma, by Big Pharma.

What’s next for me?

I’ll continue with my vitamin A elimination diet for the rest of my life. Like, why not?

Although I’ve been a lot less focused on the vitamin A topic over the last few years, I’ve definitely not lost interest in it. I just feel that the vA toxicity issue now has enough momentum behind it that it’s going to take on a life of its own. What’s needed next are more success stories and better guidance on how to achieve safer, more predictable results.
I’ve become very interested in another major issue that I feel is just as important, and potentially even more so, than the vitamin A topic. Over the next few years that will be the primary focus of my attention.

Thank you so much for your continued interest and participation in this investigation.