Last year in my Seven-Year Update post I mentioned that I was looking into the politically hot topic of viruses. When I first started to look into it I quickly came to the realization that the very basic science and fundamental understanding of viruses is almost completely wrong. It’s on par with so-called vitamin A science, and maybe even a lot worse. 

Last year I said that I was going to write a more comprehensive investigation regarding viruses. But, as the censorship and squashing of any non-conventional information on the topic was cranked up to the maximum effort possible, I felt it wasn’t the right time for a lengthy blog post or maybe a new ebook on the topic. Unfortunately, that plays right into the hands of big pharma and their puppets in government under their control.  Although I’m a complete no-body I think it’s important to choose the right time for picking such a battle. I decided that now’s not the time for it. Hopefully, the pandemic response by our governments and the medical establishment over the last two years has made it crystal clear to everyone just how incredibly corrupt the system is. What happened in Canada earlier this year is so disgusting to me I just can’t put it down into writing how I feel about it. So, for now, all I’m going to say about viruses is what’s below.

“Viruses” sure aren’t what we are being told they are.  I think a key point we all need to fully appreciate is that viruses are not “alive”, and never ever become “alive”.  Therefore, they are most certainly not parasites or pathogens. They don’t and can’t “evolve” or mutate. They consume no food, nor energy, nor resources. They can’t and don’t ever reproduce themselves. They have no locomotion,  no organelles, no respiration, etc, etc. They have no life force, no will, no intent. And, contrary to a recent statement from a very prominent public health official they are not “clever”. They actually have the same intelligence as a rock. Therefore, they are not, and cannot be, out to get us. They are also not out to perpetuate their own “species”, because they are not a “species”, nor any life form. They are not living entities even by the wildest stretch of the imagination.

The key understanding is that all so-called viruses are manufactured by cells; and almost all of them in our bodies were made by our own cells. Therefore, viruses never “replicate” themselves, and they don’t hijack or trick the cell into doing it for them. They are simply proteins assembled by our own cells. However, some of these proteins can harm us.  They are ones that contain defectively structured mRNA proteins. These are usually strands of bad RNA that the cell has decided is too defective to use. These defective garbage proteins (RNA molecules) are potentially so dangerous that they can’t be discarded without first putting them into a protective wrapper. Much like with the RBP that’s used to protect cells from vA’s toxicity. Thus, these protective wrappers are the famous protein capsids surrounding most “viruses.” But, given the right circumstances and conditions some of these proteins can start a chain-reaction, and we might get sick from it running out of control for too long.

There’s more to it of course. Since most harmful “viruses” are just defectively made messenger proteins we need to understand what causes the defective mRNA proteins in the first place. Well, since it is now established that retinoic acid can, and does, fracture DNA it should be one of the prime suspects. There’s no question there are other toxins and environmental hazards to blame sometimes too. But, the key takeaway here is that for the most part “viruses” don’t cause disease. Rather, it’s the direct opposite. Disease causes “viruses” to be created.

To use a more concrete example, let’s say someone gets diagnosed with hepatitis.  Doctors using the now infamous PCR test will usually find a large number of “viruses” and claim the person has acquired a “viral infection” and that infection has caused the disease. But, no, that’s not it at all. The slowly developing liver disease with its corresponding massive number of damaged and dying cells is causing these cells and cell fragments to produce the “viruses.” Viruses are the artifacts of the diseased tissue.

Sometimes these proteins can be transferred between people and that can start a chain reaction in certain vulnerable people. However, we don’t ever really get “infected” with the “virus”. Rather we get contaminated by other people’s defective proteins.

I believe that if people are healthy, and have low vA levels then “viruses” pose almost no risk at all.  Of course, there’s still much more to the story here. There’s also a fascinating understanding that there’s a hugely beneficial and critical role many so-called “viruses” play in our health and even our evolution. That understanding is that the vast majority of the billions of the “viruses” that are circulating in our bodies on any given day are actually extra-cellular message capsules. These message capsules are used to communicate with other cells and organs in the body. The cells of the body have formed a gigantic network of communication between themselves. The data packets used on this network are mRNA proteins encapsulated within “viruses” and exosomes.  Darwin was correct (for those who have actually read his book). It’s not random mutations driving our evolution. Rather it’s our life experiences that’s programming the genetic code in our offspring.  The driving mechanism of that programming is via “virus” encapsulated messages. So, when it comes to truly understanding viruses our current medical science is in the absolute stone age. I’ve only scratched the surface of it here.

But, obviously, big pharma needs to keep the myth of “scary and deadly viruses” alive to stoke endless fear and boost endless massive profits from their vaccines for them.

Bottom line, for the most part, “viruses” are a giant scam.   

My Prison Food and Night blindness 

I reported in last year’s annual update that I had once again encountered a period of reduced night vision. It was also accompanied by having quite dry eyes first thing in the mornings.  Oh yes, I know that those are some of the key, if not the de facto, symptoms of vA deficiency.  But, of course, I don’t believe vA deficiency even exists. I also think that it’s impossible to have a deficiency in a highly toxic molecule.  Moreover, if these symptoms were due to a vA deficiency then they should have shown up and progressively gotten worse as time went on.  Except, that did not happen. The periods of reduced night vision were sporadic and I had always recovered from it.  My previous  incidents of “night blindness” occurred in the winter months when the air here in Calgary, AB is very dry. However, oddly last year the condition was most notable in August. Coincidentally, last summer the city was covered in a lot of smoke from forest fires. It lasted for at least two months. So, at first, I rationalized that it was probably just the excessive smoke exposure that caused it to occur in the summer months this time. However, as the smoke finally cleared my dry eyes really didn’t get much better. So, what the heck was really going on?

Last year, as I am doing so this year, I was sticking pretty strictly to my diet of rice, bison/beef, and black beans. Although I usually cook one cup (measured dry) of rice per day I almost never consume it all in one day. Most days it is more like a half cup. So, a pretty standard practice for me is to put the remaining rice in a container and put it in the fridge. Then, the next day I’ll take the leftover cold rice, and either freshly cooked or cold leftover meat, and some cold black beans and dump it into a bowl. Then I’ll boil some water and add it to the bowl to make what I call my “soup”. 

Prison food

My wife hates that I call it “soup”. Whenever I call it that, she so lovingly tells me: “That’s not soup, it’s prison food!” Yes, it’s darn plain and boring. Except, I don’t think it’s really that bad either. It sure makes my meal planning and food shopping super simple.  It’s also super easy and fast to put together. But, she’s right that it does lack flavor.  So, as I also mentioned in last year’s update, I had gotten into the habit of spicing it up by adding some granulated dry onion powder to it.  With that addition I think I could legitimately call it a soup.  Sometimes my wife would dice up and fry onions and I added that to my soup rather than the onion powder. 

Then, I got to thinking about it. If just cutting into an onion can quite quickly and quite strongly irritate the eyes then maybe, just maybe, it’s not such a good idea to be eating onions either.  With that thought I completely stopped adding the onions / onion powder and went back to the “prison food” version of my soup.  Quite amazingly, within four weeks my night vision completely recovered. Within four months my corresponding dry eyes also fully recovered. I’d rate my current night vision as being excellent. 

I think this is an intriguing little sub-experiment in isolating it down to one probable cause. The only deviation / change in my diet last year was the addition of the onions and then following that change my night vision problems developed. Then when I made the one (and really only) change of stopping the consumption of onions the problem quickly resolved.  So, yes, unlike viruses, I do think many plants are indeed out to get us. For me at least, onions are one of them. If you are eating onions and are also experiencing dry eyes and night vision problems you might want to try to replicate my findings. 

That’s it for now. Overall, my health and well-being is currently very good. I’ll post a more comprehensive health update in August.