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Keero log

My experience with vitamin A

  • I was 'accutaned' in 2011, over the period of what I remember to be about 4 months
  • I took 40 mg per day for the duration of this time, towards the end skipping the dose frequently
  • My GP didn't take any liver tests or anything of the sort during this duration
  • There is a history of autoimmune disease on both my mother and fathers sides of the family, my grandma having suffered from multiple sclerosis and my father having both asthma and rosacea from, what I expect, childhood.
  • My sister and cousin, both around my age, both took accutane and have thus far suffered no noticeable side effects
  • I stopped taking the drug on my own accord as I began to quite simply 'break', mind and body, under the weight of all the side effects, these being;
    • Short and long term memory issues
    • Developed a severe stammer, frequently 'tripping over words', no word recall etc.
    • brain fog - confusion, inability to concentrate, mind would be racing
    • bleeding gums, guaranteed with every brush, quite severe up until the last few years
    • loss of libido
    • erectile dysfunction
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • loss of social skills, went from being someone comfortable in approaching anyone and everyone to a quiet and reserved introvert
    • peeling lips
    • terribly itchy skin, all over my body but most notably, scalp, hips, legs and arms
    • eye floaters
    •  insomnia
    • sinus issues, alternating blocked nasal passage, more noticeable on my right side, accompanied by a very strong pressure around, again most frequently, my right eye. Confirmed with an MRI to not be a tumour or MS related.

This winter has been quite difficult as these symptoms, although no where as severe as when they first started, have been exacerbated for the last 4 or so months. At the start of this winter before having found Grants theory on vitamin A toxicity, I was basically consuming massive amounts of VA every day through primarily butternut squash soups, along with bell peppers and other brightly coloured vegetables (eating the healthy rainbow theory).

During this diet I had 3 mouth ulcers, not incredibly painful but considering I haven't had them in as long I can remember they definitely were surprising. I have also had, what seems like a very small patch of eczema break out on my upper right arm, I have never had eczema or even had a rash break out on my arm to date, so again, surprising. My memory issues and brain fog has been horrible these last 4 months and I am very consciously aware of the mistakes I am making because of this cognitive decline.


I have now been on a vitamin A zero to low diet for around 3 weeks. However I have made a few slip ups along the way and still look to educate myself as much as possible.

My diet so far has been rice, beef, cauliflower, onions, kidney beans or lentils, parsnips, garlic and soy sauce as flavouring and olive oil to cook onions, beef etc. I have been eating this for all 3 meals.

I have been experiencing incredibly itchy legs for the last few weeks. My sinus issues are slightly improving, although hard to say, this may also be related to my lower consumption of gluten.

Very ready to commit to whatever number of years it takes to free myself of this horrible poisoning, if even just to improve my cognition.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


Quote from Keero on March 19, 2019, 10:54 am


I have been experiencing incredibly itchy legs for the last few weeks.


Hey Keero,  that was one of the detox symptoms I got, severe eczema and itching, but on my left shin only.  I have never had eczema before, it flared from around month 3 to month 4 and has now completely vanished.

I have many of your list of side effects, that are clearing slowly.


Thanks for sharing, and hope the healing continues.

Make sure you only eat black kidney beans, red kidney beans are full of carotenoids.

Hey Kero,


I was tanned last year and suffer from the exact same issues you do in addition to IBS and insane joint and bones issues, teeth cracking as well.

I am day 10 into this diet and a I know its reallly rough...i eat absolutley 0 IUs of VIT A, so just white rice, veal meat, and black beans and some olive oil and cold pressed organic sunflower oil for the VIT E content.

First of all, I commend you and you are a hero in my eyes for managing to live so long with all these issues and not giving up.

I believe this is the only ticket out, and we have to give it at least a year of strict dieting before we can assess if this can really cure us.

I say the same as you..If I can get my brain back to what it was prior, I would mean the world the me.

Dont give up, there are several accutane victims here trying this method and seeing results.

I have been experiencing incredibly itchy legs for the last few weeks. My sinus issues are slightly improving, although hard to say, this may also be related to my lower consumption of gluten.

Garrett Smith at nutritionrestored.com has a recipe for a detox bath that could likely help with the itchiness. Access to his detox protocol is only $40. You can find info about the bath in the video section of his B.A.D.-A.G. detox protocol. Good luck!!

Glad to hear you are also committed to the long haul Ido.

Thankyou for the suggestion Josh, I will consider that recipe.

On a little side note, I've recently learnt my grandma with MS had a religious diet for all of her life of kidney, liver and eel every week without fail. I think the eel may have been more of a treat as she grew up in the lower class of London and apparently that was typical for restaurant visits. The kidney and liver dishes though she had without fail every week on set days for most of her life.

Really fascinating to hear these things and slowly start to see the patterns and atleast anicdotal evidence support Grant's theory.

I have now been on the low to no vit a diet since about February. I wouldn't say I have been perfectly strict as I am currently travelling on and off and have been for over a year. Although I'm doing ok.

One thing I have noticed just recently is that my itchy leg issue has stopped. Only until recently have I been itching. This is interesting as I have been sick with a cold lately and wonder if this reflects grants idea of vit a stores being used up to combat the cold.

Nothing much else to report.

Forgot to note that I have experienced minor lip peeling over the last few days since being sick

Have had this cold for 1.5 weeks now. Have noticed about 5 white hairs growing out of my moustache. I don't grow much facial hair besides the mo so it was quite obvious. They haven't been there before as I am quite observant

Are you gettin' older?  🙂  My kid just got those and he is 29.    He doesn't appear to be A-toxic.  Ah to be 29...