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My progress

I am so grateful whenever people post their updates, thank you @Liz.  Meat and carbs, carbs and meat!  yup!

I loved your statement that gout is VA, and gout does seem to be something my family tends toward.  I have a toe that wants to be gouty.    We do eat onions and garlic.  Glycine, eh?

I saw a loved one take estrogen and not be happy about it in the long run, but I can see that you are good with it so we will leave it at that.  My hot flashes are more livable here.   Half as many, half as bad.   I entered meno at the same time I entered lowered VA.  about 22 months ago.

Maybe someday you can post your bread recipe!  That is so great that you are making it from scratch.  Is your flour free of iron?  I think that, to me, is a reason to bake at home.  However I haven't got a routine going yet.

Coconut cream cheese?  !


My gout is gone. Glycine had an immediate effect. Took a heaping spoonfull morning and night and now after a week from the first pain it is all gone. I cannot explain the why though.

As I am on gnrh drug I need estrogen addback not to kill myself 🤷‍♀️. My menopause is not natural, it is chemical. I have tried without. I will not try without again as long as I am on this drug.

Bread is very simple. I heat water until fingerwarm, maybe 2 cups. Add my soursough and whole or cut grains like barley or oat and a bit of flower of choice to a very watery mix and let sit in room temperature up to 12h. I want to soak the grains and soften them. Then I add more flour og choice and extra water to make a wet but not runny dough. I remove some to a jar for next bake and put in fridge add salt to the rest and spoon into loaf forms. I leave covered in fridge for ca 24hours. Bake in oven in 175 degree Celsius until inner core is between 92-98 degree celsius,  depending on the type of flour and wetness. I dont measure anything, i go by feel. I knew nothing when I started, I got a sourdough from my mom and I have just gone by trial and error. Ok this batch did not turn out great, what can I change, sort of thinking. I find long time rising in fridge to be the best for taste, room temp will have a sour taste I find but when I keep it chilled on the second rise it comes out not sour. That is all I have to say. Trial and error. Google is your friend and motivator. Organic flour do not have any additives in my country. I only use organic ingredients.

I want to clarify I did not abandon my diet last year. By relaxed I ment had some milk products on occation and some form of chocolate mainly dark like every day which was not a great idea. I never went back to vegs and fruits and heavy milk or egg consumption. I kept it basic all the time with wholegrains and legumes as a base. I did take sun fiber long before dr G found it beneficial because it has always made my gut very happy, also pre-A. But the added sugar plus chocolate probably kept my detox in the very slow state. Dropping it now has for sure caused a lot of detox issues. I felt great last year. Loads of energy and great mood. So far this year mostly tired and headaches 😑

In my country we have a coconut oil based cream cheese among the vegan products. It is basically oil, starch, flavor. It tastes good, i use it as I would butter. For flavor 🙂

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Here is my 5,5 month low/no vit A update. I have had days with more butter than optimal (cookies) and it has bit me in the arse afterwards for sure, and I think I had a cake with whole eggs as an ingredient, on one or two occations.

Adhd - gone
Ocd - gone
Brain fog - mostly gone [...]

Wow, Liz, that's an amazing list! If you feel comfortable sharing, I'm curious what kinds of ADHD and OCD symptoms you had and for how long. Thanks!

Sure. I got my diagnosis a couple years ago and I paid a shitload of money to get the best doctors and a thorough investigation to make sure I got correct diagnosis. I have been awkward since I was a kid but was extremely smart so no one noticed I never did any homework or studying. However all got worse as a young adult.

To make a long story short, basically they said I either have a severe case of ADD or narcoleptia 😂 or both, as I was staring at screen during one test, i thougt i nailed them all but i had missed most 😂

Adhd/add symtoms:

Ability to focus = nil. Extreme short attention span, could see mouths moving but missed most what was said. Very restless, unable to sit still for long. Superfocus if interested in something. Fell asleep if bored. Fell asleep all the time at work, in meetings, when typing, while doing anything monotone. Could basically fall asleep anywhere. Burned myself out completely when had energy and hardly slept, then crasched for weeks, cycle repeat. Misplaced everything (did develop strategies for this but hello toothpaste in fridge and phone in closet) and could throw away banana and attempt to eat the peel. Could not stick to one task, started many and unable to finish any of them (= loss of focus) . Many more but that is some I guess.

Ocd: mostly related to extreme order/tidyness, like things must have their place, dishwasher filled a certain way, socks folded a certain way and so forth. Else I would freak. Also body related involving mirrors, training and so forth. Only classified as medium severe ocd though but still enough to get a diagnosis.

I was also borderline dissociative/dissociation and that I still feel in certain situations in certain places.

Forgot to add PTSD as a disgnosis I have which I hardly notice anymore.

@Liz, how is your narcolepsy these days - better? One of many of my current neurological problems...

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lil chick


no issues what so ever. I sleep like a baby at night and am awake and alert during the day 🙂

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Quote from Liz on February 9, 2021, 9:27 pm


no issues what so ever. I sleep like a baby at night and am awake and alert during the day 🙂

That's great to hear. If Low-A will low my years old narcolepsy by at least 30..50% by the first year it would be a miracle.

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lil chick

I really hope it helps you @rockarolla

Write a list with your issues. Forget about it for a year. Find it again and compare with current new status. You might be surprised how much can happen in a year 🙂

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