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Ourania's log


I have been lurking for a while but I have learnt so much here that I want to give back as much as possible. I am a woman 67 years old and my husband is 55. We have had a lot of health problems which became overwhelming during the last twenty years. We have tried many things and got fairly good results but were never cured. Details of that I shall provide as I go along with my story. As to Grant's Vitamin/pPoison A it is as follows.

It all started in September 2019 when I received a Whole Body Vibration machine. Because my eyesight has got very bad I cannot go around and exercise on my own. All action outside is left to my husband and even if he takes me for a  walk everyday it is not enough. With the machine came a warning : At first do not vibrate more than one minute a day, the "detox" can be terrible. Increase timings very carefully. In case it gets too bad you can try "Pectasol", which is a modified citrus pectin, fairly expensive.

Yes, I immediately felt the "detox" effect quite violently. Tried the Pectasol 15g per day in three takes and the effect was fantastic. Soothing, curbing my appetite etc. So I researched it and found that it is supposed to have a serious drawback ; it mops up vitamin A. I proceeded with the vibration till I did 14 mins a day with no problem, still taking the Pectasol. Pectasol started getting problematic. I had stabbing pains in the bones, difficulty to sleep. At the end of November 2019 I read a post in the TLO forum written by April, who mentioned Grant and his work. I started reading Grant's books and the posts on this forum. For many reasons I felt his hypothesis is right (more details later).

On that day we both started a low/no vitamin A diet.

Results after 2 weeks:

  • My husband said he sees a bit better. Gone from -3.5 myopia in his left eye to -3.0. Right eye has not changed.
  • For me infernal days! Black depression, deep sadness, RAGE!

I suppose this is "detox". It seems I have skipped the honeymoon stage. Maybe because of the Pectasol? Maybe because we were on high lipophilic thiamine for the last two years?

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Results after 6 weeks:

Good points for me:
My skin is better. I had all kinds of seborrheic warts and dry spots. There are less, maybe 15% less.
Less lymphatic pains when moving when waking up.
Eyes are less inflamed, my eyelids look normal for the first time in 10 years.
It takes less shampoo to wash my hair.
A couple extra eyelashes and eyebrow hairs.
Bad points for me:
My face is not nicely suntan orange as it used to be even in the winter. Some places now are whiter, it shows in very bright light.
Two places are very orange on both sides of my nose near the eyes.
I have been sick as a dog everyday of last week, today is a bit better. Nausea and difficulty to sleep.
Extremely depressed!!!!!!!!!
Good points for my husband:
His skin is better. He had all kinds of seborrheic warts and dry spots. There are less, maybe 15% less.
Myopia in his left eye is better, gained 0,5 diop vision.
Hair is growing on the bald spot on top of his bead.
Bad points for my husband:
He feels sick.
He is terribly depressed and FURIOUS! Hard to bear on top of my own problems!
For both of us something very strange is happening related to memory. Some friends who had disappeared from our life turned up again. Several of them. A lady who had gone to school with me 50 years ago contacted my brother to send good wishes. There is a positive aspect to all of this, like a renewal of good links.
This is different from what we found when taking high dose thiamine, which brought back memories in a dispassionate way, we could relive past situations and feel what the different protagonists were thinking, like changing places with all of them and discovering what they thought of us. These situations which had been unpleasant became excessively neutral.
With this flood of vitamin A going out comes like freedom, freedom of familial links. Maybe this is the basis of original sin, otherwise called the sin of forefathers, maybe in the milk and the egg the retinol ensures that we carry on the original sin? So getting rid of vitamin A could bring about an epigenetic liberation?
My parents are long dead and I have only good thoughts for them, but this morning I realized I was not their child anymore, I was standing tall as my own woman.
This memory stuff is the contrary of what is happening with Alzheimer.
I have stopped the Pectasol-C for a while. He is still taking it, so I don’t know if it helps.
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Results after 9 weeks:

A few good news:
- We have now lost some weight since the start 9 weeks ago: I lost 5 lbs and my husband lost 7 lbs. No food restrictions, just eating as much as we are hungry for.
- The black depression has lifted during week 8, it happens now only for a couple of hours every two or three days.
- I suffered from eyelid inflammation all my life but did not know of it until I turned 50, when it started to become very painful and unmanageable. It seems to be gone! My husband says that my eyelids used to be very thick at the edge and dark red, nearly black on that edge, even 35 years ago, and that now the edge is thin with just a thicker piece in a couple of places and the skin is pink. This is very good news, since I suppose this eye inflammation is at the root of my eye problems.
- During week 7 my husband woke up covered in seminal fluid, and two days later when I sat at my desk, I released a cupful of the liquid girls have, I don’t know what it is called, certainly not urine. He has zero prostate problems and I have zero incontinence problems. Which makes me think that a lot of prostate problems and infertility problems might be Vitamin A related?
- Now all the orange has gone out of our faces, and we look perfectly white.

All this is very encouraging BUT
At the end of week 8 we had what looked like a flare-up, exactly the same thing that had happened to us repeatedly over the last 15 years or so.
It was quite bad, burning pains all around lymph ducts, pains in hips and knees, loss of muscle strength, my husband cannot hold his drill steady, diarrhea, bleeding gums, irritated eyes and very blurry vision, mental confusion, sadness and fear, burning desire for alcohol. No luck at all, everything going wrong with our lives. If I go out to buy potatoes, the store is closed/they are out of potatoes etc.
It is slowly getting better after a week but not entirely gone, far from it. I have no idea what triggered it. Certainly not food.
Maybe the flare-up (if this is what it is) happened because of too many things happening at once at work?
Maybe we caught some virus and this is a response? Many people around us look sick.
He had not stopped Pectasol, I went back on it and it seems to help. Both only taking 5 g per day.

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Thank you for writing your experiences.

This board is mostly about vitamin A but I got interested in one thing you mentioned about thiamine

This is different from what we found when taking high dose thiamine, which brought back memories in a dispassionate way

Could you write more about this? Did you get back past "forgotten" memories? How long after started taking thiamine it started happening? How much thiamine you take? Could you point me to additional resources?

I'm interested in this because I have now 34 years but I barely remember what happen to me from like first 20 (or more) years of my life. My parents, family and friends are really surprised about this, especially that I didn't have bad childhood. Psychologist also couldn't find anything. Maybe very long time (like most life) thiamine deficiency could be the problem? I started taking 150 mg allithiamine per day for last 3 months and I think I started remembering some random stuff from long time ago but I did not though it could be because of thiamine.

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Results after 15 weeks (this is today)

We had a hellish time of detox in the last few weeks.

Losing a lot of hair, bad sleep, rage and anguish, bad luck, exhaustion, very blurry vision, memory loss, . My right ear peeled completely on the inside (not painful). His fingertips peeled and oozed blood. All these violent detox symptoms very early in the diet. I wonder if this is not linked to our past intensive thiamine supplementation (which we stopped when going on the diet, but our bodies must have all the thiamine it needs for Vit A detoxing). More thiamine thoughts for @Matrixik later :-).

It got better when we added 1200 mg Activated charcoal, in 4 different takes of 300 mg per day. This is the third day of this and it is why I summoned enough concentration to write this blog starting yesterday.

There are some very interesting good results.

My husband has lost most of his belly fat. Now his belly is cool to the touch, when previously I could feel some warmer places, very worrying. For years he had bloated intestines, alternating diarrhea and constipation. This seems to have gone completely! Also he looks younger, his beard has gone up more towards his eyes. His eyebrows are a bit thicker. His skin is incredibly, I mean incredibly soft in most places.

There is an interesting development for his eyes. From birth he was colour blind, not completely, a special variety where he does not see the deep reds. When charging batteries, I have to go and check if the light is green or red, as he does not see the difference. This is supposedly a genetic trait that you can do nothing about. Now he sees a difference between the two colours!!!! This varies from day to day, but it is happening! Maybe related to the villi of the intestines being burnt by retinoid acid and the cones of the retina in a similar situation?

Another interesting symptom for him : he is ambidextrous but today we did some elaborate work, and he felt that not only could he use the two hands equally as usual, but he felt a CONNEXION between them and could make them work better together.

He also feels more supple in all his movements.

As for me, I am a bit jealous of all these improvements. I have a hard time concentrating, my eyes are very bad, It hurts everywhere. I do have a lot of physical strength, I can still carry the 50 kg cement bag, not so far as when I was 30 years old, but I have more mental control. I have a lot of lymphatic pains moving around so I can never be sure of my strength. I do know it is there though.

I lost a lot of long hair, but grew a lot of short ones and some eyebrows. I feel I need peace to improve, and unfortunately the circumstances are not helping, lots not stressful events around.

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Sandra Forrester

Interesting log posts, Ourania,

I want to suggest that not recalling things in life might be down to POOR SLEEP

I think I have had too much VA in my life since about age twelve, but the  years that I had small children and poor sleep I can hardly remember AT ALL.  It's like that decade never happened.  I don't remember the music, I don't remember the celebs, I don't remember scenes that my family remembers etc.  At that time, I was so sleep deprived that I would fall asleep in the dentist chair.

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Results after 4 months

In the last two weeks things have been a bit easier, maybe thanks to the activated charcoal (my husband did not take it, but he was not as sick from the diet as I was).

In fact I have stopped taking the AC, I feel well on the diet. Sometimes we both feel like being strangled a bit, which I suppose is to do with thyroid swelling. But we are not at all cold so thyroid function should be OK.

Sleep is deep (7 hours at night + 1 or 2 hours in the afternoon).

After losing a lot of hair, it seems to be growing again.

We still have lymphatic pains upon waking, in different places that change all the time. Eyesight is not better but eyes feel OK. There is lymph trapped beneath my teeth that make it painful to bite hard, but no bleeding.

The mind is not very sharp, but the awful depression has gone and we both feel incredibly happy!


EDIT: In fact we have more energy so we went for a long and  a bit tiring walk two days ago. Today big detox symptoms so we are back on charcoal.

Many many thanks to the member who suggested ACV for two hours a day on strange cauliflower growths on the skin for a week. My husband has tried it on two such and they have turned black and shrunk after only three days. Who was that who recommended it?

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puddleduckSandra Forrester

No doubt, this is a rough journey but the gains are so worth it! It's a great help seeing how things are progressing. Thanks for sharing.


Results after 5 months

Nothing spectacular but I think we are moving in the right direction.

In general not much depression, apart from bouts that do not last more than 2 hours.

Something is happening in the brain. I understand music in detail, as though time was slowing down and I could hear what is happening between notes. This is a sign of thinking becoming faster. Also we can get a bit more done in one day without being totally exhausted.

At times the detox is very unpleasant, with loss of recent memory for me. I cannot recall which film we saw last night. My husband tries three of four times to tell me something. This is not a stutter, he has to start again the sentence from the beginning and every time he completes it further until he can say it completely.

My eyes and head are too hot. My vision is blurry. Cracked and peeling lips. Rough skin on left elbow. For these two last symptoms I found just a little bit (12 mg or less) of Vitamin B2 for a couple of days making it disappear. Does nothing noticeable for the head and eyes though.

We both have started loosing some little brown spots (fungal?) on our skin. They crumble at the edges and very slowly shrink and eventually disappear.

Life must be unbearable for worms in my gut in this situation: I just lost a big worm in the toilet. I suppose it can only help my heath in general.

Sleep is deeper. For the last 5 days we both dreamt generously every night. THIS IS A BIG SIGN! I had stopped dreaming altogether in 2001. Only very occasional dreams in the following years.

In the last week, I felt a very slight improvement in the stiffness I feel when waking up or getting up after a long time in a sitting position. Very small only, not sure it is true either. This is a symptom which is worrying me because it stops me from exercising as I wish, also I think it might be related to my vision problem


More results after 5 months

I forgot a few things:

  • My eyes are flatter. I can feel this when I put my contact lens in. I suppose this means that there is less pressure around the eye because there is less inflammation. This has been consistent in the last three weeks.
  • -My husband's beard is growing higher on his face.
  • My husband has the same effect on taste as I have with music. More details. I also have this.
  • We have a slight fever from time to time, which makes me wonder whether what I took for food reactions when we had symptoms of acute Vit A poisoning was not an immune reaction to some benign virus we encountered.  Maybe our food problems were immunity problems. I don't know if this will get better though.
  • Even though there are a lot of changes for the better, I regularly feel a sense of dread and discouragement. I suppose this is chemical as there is nothing in our life to warrant this, except for the fear that we'll never get out of this. We have been suffering for more than 20 years, maybe we are too old to get better.
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