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Ourania's log

Yay for dreaming and REM sleep! 😁 That will make such a big difference over time.

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Yes I hope this will be a turning point.

It came after 5 months on the diet, while if I remember for Grant it happened much sooner, after one month if I remember right?

It might mean that we should get after 10 months results similar to what he got after 6 months?

Did you also have problems dreaming before the diet? And how long did the dreams take to come back?

Maybe this is an interesting marker and we could make a survey?

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@ourania I honestly can’t remember... I feel like they did come back on and off, but I wonder if I recorded it somewhere lol. 😝 But the B2 and B1 give me consistent dreams again now that I am at the 1.5 year mark.

Results after 6 months

For my husband, some good news:

Shaky hands are now not shaky at all most of the time.  He seems to have now zero problem with near vision. Like presbyopia going away! In the night he sometimes had visual snow in the dark. This has not happened for the last two months or so.

His shoes are too big! His feet are wider but less puffed (it did not show though)?

He produced orange poo a couple of times (food e eat is NOT orange).

Bad detox: his heart is beating irregularly again (this had stopped happening a few years ago)

For me, nothing spectacular physically, but some mental/memory recalls.

I recalled episodes of my life when VA was present and triggered something.

We both had a very hard time during the last three weeks, blurry vision, despair, joint pains, breathlessness, sweating,thymus pains, very painful inside boils at the end of fingers and toes, inability to find the words we want, slurring speech. The whole gamut of what had been ailing us for years, but about triple in intensity, which is  no fun when we have been on the diet for 6 months!

Maybe detox has started for real. Maybe we caught Covid (don't thinks so, most unlikely, and also symptoms do not match).

Thanks for any ideas.

@ourania orange stool have people during copper detox. I have it sometimes as well.. I really think now that a lot of people on low vit A diet are detoxing copper as well. Mainly because they started eating more meat(more amino acids and zinc) and less plant foods high in copper.. 

Thanks @Jiří

I also forgot to mention I had an orange patch on my right eyebrow for a couple of days.

Quote from Ourania on May 25, 2020, 7:31 am

Thanks @Jiří

I also forgot to mention I had an orange patch on my right eyebrow for a couple of days.

Well that is interesting. 🙂

results after 7 months

This last month started badly, detox was very hard. In desperation we tried to add a way to get rid of lymph, explained in this thread I started: https://ggenereux.blog/discussion/topic/a-painless-way-to-detox-bain-derivatif/?part=1

It has not stopped the detox feelings completely, but they are much more bearable. Every day we skip this, the next day is back to very unpleasant.

My husband: Strange but it seems his ribcage is widening. He feels growing pains there. Also he had slight gynecomastia and his breasts are losing their fat. He has headaches he never had before (not unbearable). More white hairs on his head.

For about three months now he has had a pimple on his left shoulder oozing lymph/sebum, very painful and not healing at all. Fortunately after adding Bains Derivatifs this has healed, the skin is not normal yet, it released a big orange crystal-like thing. Sometimes he feels like a current of warm water trickling down the outside of his left leg.

For myself; big pains under the teeth which have become very wobbly. Blurry vision. Bad pains in left Achille's heel. Gone now. More places on my body where the skin is incredibly soft. My breasts feel lighter.Some more orange spots under the hairs of my right eyebrow. Gone now.

Something has happened to our eyes. They irises have turned very blue. I had one eye with a greenish iris, now both are the same color. Both of us now have very blue eyes, cornflower blue, scintillating. Unfortunately for the moment no vision improvement. But they look extra nice! At one point I alone had an orange crescent over the sclera at the bottom part, under the lower eyelid. But now this orange color has gone.

We both have extra taste sensitivity. We smell more details. The sense of touch has improved considerably. I think that my fingerprints are more defined. More raised.

Also we are less hungry, eating about three quarters of what we were eating for the last six months.

Best wishes to all.



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Results after 8 months

This is not easy sailing. We had about 8 good days this month, the rest very unpleasant.

Depression, blurry vision, sharp pain in the thumbs, knifing pains in all kinds of places. All the regulars, but also at one point very bad pains in the ribs and diaphragm making breathing fully difficult, some strange painful pimples that have not disappeared yet after 20 days, husband has iron-smelling lymph oozing from some pimples.

On his shoulder the place that rejected the orange crystal had healed at last. On my leg a place where I have an old scar from 45 years ago has turned orange, then back to normal skin color.

I suffered very acute pain in one ovary, this lasted six days then no sign of this anymore.

On the positive side: the pain in my swollen gums that make chewing food impossible last month has completely disappeared.I feel a little less ankylosis when waking up, not much progress but I feel there is progress. The awful eye irritation and crusted lids has not come back for several months now, though eyesight is VERY blurry.

No more night sweats, good sleep for 6 hours a night + 1 hour siesta in the day.

My husband looks younger (as much as I can tell), he FEELS younger to my touch, his belly is perfectly flat for the first time in his whole life, his back is straighter and apart from accesses of fear and rage he is in a very good mood and full of fun. Puppy-like.

I hope my turn will come too. I have a lot of strength but feel so poisoned when exercising it. I also stand very erect. I worry a lot. I am full of fear in fact. I notice people in the street are afraid of me. I don't see this with my eyes but I feel it.

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The mental/emotional side of this is for real!  Lately, I've been entranced by a youtube channel named "soft white underbelly".   He often delves into the lives of street people who have various situations like mental illness and addiction.  I wonder about these people's VA loads.  Are their intractable conditions due to VA not being on medical radar?   (addiction and mental problems don't really seem fully understood yet, do they?) 

In my family tree, going back the last century, there are some different kinds of mental and emotional issues.   For instance depression, alcoholism, rage, phobias, fears, post-partum issues....(in otherwise smart and kind and normal people).   I can see that these things might have been part of a bigger picture of being VA intolerant genetically. 

I've said before, this process is much harder than it appears and it is oddly one of the hardest things I've done.  (that sounds overly dramatic but there it is)  Often I wake up feeling that I "worked hard" all night, LOL.  We are working hard just sitting still.

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