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Tim's Log

@tim-2 makes sense why people start healing or feeling much better when the levels get down to or below 35, turning into kids 😉

oh ya cold fresh watermelon on hot summer day, addictive!  I think @lil-chick posted pics on old time watermelon, it is nothing like the genetic monsters now, little flesh and jammed packed with seeds.

Quote from tim on August 6, 2020, 4:02 am

Please stop talking about watermelon on my log... now I am craving it! 🙂

Indeed, haha. 😝 Thanks for posting your lab results, Tim. I’m glad you’re feeling so good! 

Quote from tim on August 6, 2020, 3:53 am


A review of previous studies revealed that plasma retinol increases from a mean of approximately 35 micrograms/dL (1.22 mumol/L) at preschool age to a plateau of approximately 60 micrograms/dL (2.09 mumol/L) by age 40 y in men and 60 y in women.


Interesting ! is it higher in preschool age due to milk intake ? We are aiming for a level under or near   1 


Yup, lifelong youth, I'll take that!

Once our vA is low we can all go and buy a watermelon to celebrate!


You're welcome and thanks!


Infants get plenty of vA from breast milk.

Quote from Jiří on August 4, 2020, 12:10 am

@tim-2 and ceruloplasmin with copper. Nobody is testing it.. But it can tell you a lot.. I really want to know what effect has vit A on them

Garrett Smith recently posted on his Mighty Network about the effects of vit A on ceruloplasmin and copper. Normally I wouldn't share because this information is private, but since I am the one who got him a copy of this paper I feel like it's OK to link to it:


His takeaway: "This paper shows, without a doubt, that MORE VA = LESS CERULOPLASMIN.  What this means is that the less ceruloplasmin one has, the more FREE COPPER is floating around and causing damage.  That's VERY bad.  The chickens they gave a "VA deficiency" to had the MOST ceruloplasmin out of all of them!"

The effect on overall copper levels is a bit more nuanced. Chicks fed the VA deficient diet and the high VA diet had lower levels of copper in plasma and higher levels in the liver compared to chicks fed a 'moderate' VA diet. The experiment lasted a month so it would be interesting to know how the low VA diet affects overall copper levels over a longer period of time. Note that the deficient diet appears to have been genuinely deficient in vit A. The experiment started when the chicks were 1 day old. 

Thanks @josh,

That makes sense although I'm cautious about drawing conclusions from just one study.

The biggest difference in ceruloplasmin was between the control group and the high vA group which is promising.

Hey, Tim, I wanted to tell you that I've been working with your idea of the h202 to help the gums (if you remember, swishing it caused too much inflammation with my dry mouth).   So, I have another idea for those like me.  I put some h202 in a glass and stick my toothbrush in it for a minute.  Apply a bit of toothpaste and then brush.  I have also been dipping the loaded brush into just a bit of baking soda.  Daughter thinks I shouldn't do the baking soda every time.  But my teeth feel a bit cleaner and the gums look like they like the h202.

That way, a bit of h202 gets applied directly to the teeth/ gums with the brushing.   (it was the inner cheeks and tongue that reacted badly to the wholesale swishing.)


Thanks for the feedback on that protocol.

If your inner cheeks and tongue are reacting poorly to h2o2 I'm thinking your skin there must be quite thin or is it just lack of saliva? Ive never encountered the problem but i've encountered the agony of h2o2 penetrating into decay, it's definitely not a protocol for the faint of heart! I find the pressure applied when swilling is key but your system could work to an extent I guess.


I just wanted to say that the ceruloplasmin study reflects my and my family's experience: I never had our vitamin A levels tested, but my son and daughter and I all had very high copper, and low zinc, even years after discontinuing the "vegetarian experiment" (and my daughter was actually never vegetarian - just dealing with prenatal fallout from my previous meat-free diet, I guess...)

It is interesting, the ways Vitamin A toxicity seems to really mess with metal metabolism.