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Tim's Log

@tim-2  It is fascinating that the VA rates stay solid at 51 for 6 months, even after a year, pointing to the knowledge that the liver can store huge amounts.   Thanks for sharing.


I have had similar test results:

Date Vitamin A (mcg/dL)
Jan 2019 59.4
July 2019 57.7
Jan 2020 43.0
Jul 2020 57.0

The 43 is probably a fluke. My levels seem to hover around 57-59, even after 1.5 years.

@orion  "pointing to the knowledge that the liver can store huge amounts."

and/or the body needs just small amount and the RDA should be much lower number... I also think that the limiting factor how fast you can detox are co factor nutrients. Maybe Tim is running low on some of them as he doesn't want to take supplements..  


I do take a small amount of taurine since that helps actual vA excretion, I'm easing up on that now though since I'm eating plenty of meat. Riboflavin is involved in excretion too, perhaps I could take that but I won't. I've explained previously why I think that speeding up liver conversion of stored retinol to retinoic acid is a bad thing. I'm mainly interested in making sure excretion is working well. My diet contains whole grains, beans and mushrooms to help excrete vA too.

Thyroid function is a big determinant of how fast one depletes vA. I am avoiding fluoridated water and have sufficient iodine and selenium in my diet.

@mmb3664 @jiri @tim-2  I wonder why blood levels like the 60 value, in any case seems that most that have tested start at 60 , hover there for some time, and when levels get to around 35 they start to feel much better.   It great that people are posting values here though, to correlate the improvements as the values go down.  A lot of us are approaching 2years,  so maybe we are closer to 50% there now.   I think this maybe a 4-5yr experiment for me to see a close to full recovery...

@orion I am like 11 months in. So long way to go lol. 😀 The good thing is that I don't miss liver or carrots. But I would like to eat some whole eggs and watermelon. 🙁

@jiri pizza and cheesy pastas 🙂  Once I feel much better, will be having those again, but not staples!  And ya fresh summer watermelon, I could eat one whole in summers past.

@orion I used to eat after cycling like 6kg of watermelon easily. Which is something like 34000iu of vit A lol..


A review of previous studies revealed that plasma retinol increases from a mean of approximately 35 micrograms/dL (1.22 mumol/L) at preschool age to a plateau of approximately 60 micrograms/dL (2.09 mumol/L) by age 40 y in men and 60 y in women.


Please stop talking about watermelon on my log... now I am craving it! 🙂