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My 11 years pro(re)gress story... [chart]


Yes thanks @tropico thanks for sharing your story in visual form & details on health/supplements. It’s really interesting & useful information. Ray Peat’s diet is really quite dangerous by sounds of it. I’m so pleased you are feeling so good 😀

@tropico what is your diet last 2 years?

Thanks @puddleduck =)

Quote from Jiří on August 6, 2020, 11:49 am

@tropico what is your diet last 2 years?

Meat (cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry), Potatoes, Rice, White Beans, Pasta(rice-corn)... sorry i'm italian 🙂 , mushrooms, cauliflower, banana, apple, pear, pineapple, grapes, olive oil, onion, coffee, coke

rarely: figs, fennels, lean tuna, corn, wheat (bread - pasta- flat bread)

some period: Milk 0% fat (milk+coffee = cappuccino) @ breakfast... sorry i'm italian 🙂

Only once: shrimp to test if allergy was healed (YES), cortisone and antihistamine on hand 😉


After 1 year my Retinol level was 27,00 µg/100ml - range 20 to 60 .

27 µg/100ml---> 0.96 µmol/L.



@tropico could you elaborate on your healed allergy? Only food allergy?

Quote from Arena on August 8, 2020, 11:29 am

@tropico could you elaborate on your healed allergy? Only food allergy?

The last months (of the 5 years) on Ray Peat diet, in addition to many health issue, I became allergic to shellfish, the first time I went to hospital, body skin itchy and full of wheals, face and especially eyelids were puffy!

Later, even a small hidden piece of shellfish gave me this allergic reaction...

Now, after 2 years, I tolerate shellfish again!

According Grant's book,  vitamin A leads my immune system go crazy!

Wow, that is indeed fascinating! This gives me hope! Thank you!

I can imagine your allergy test was quite scary with the steroids and antihistamines ready at hand, and the following relief and joy when things went OK.

I’m thinking of joyous moments like this, and the regaining of one’s health, in this specific case your health, @tropico, and comparing it to all the effort that Grant has put down in his books, and only a single case like this makes all the hard effort he has put in worth it - I think it is fair to say you would not get this help elsewhere. I hope people proponing the VA free diet start giving Grant the credit he deserves, every time an article is written, a blog post or YT video is made, I think he deserves to be cited

However, the metabolic concept of Ray Peat, for me, is correct, starting by supplying energy to cell, which make tissues and then organs.

The wrong things are all about vitamin A, and I have proof of it. Also, instead of the thyroid, to stimulate deranged metabolism I prefer the Lonsdale way, with megadoses B vitamins, it is safer and more "natural".

My metabolism was destroyed by the lack of animal protein in Arnold Ehret's diet, and then continued by the lack of carbohydrates in paleo diet.

Carnivorous diet is not healthy for me! Carbohydrates are essential for my health, so Grant's diet, mainly meat and rice, is also the right one for me.

The advice on zinc and taurine is also right, especially the first year on a low vitamin A diet helped a lot.