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Joel's Log


Lowering liver retinol levels only slows down the production of new retinoic acid, that's the only way it helps reduce Accutane in the system. If you've taken Accutane it may be a longer road to recovery.

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@joel Please don't give up the diet! I am in the exact same boat as you, no progress, really, just new annoying symptoms, and my eyes are not the slightest better, only worse maybe. But getting rid of all this poison, maybe it takes time? God, I feel your frustration and pain, it is really hard to cope with, but might you keep up the diet at the same time as you are trying this phosphatydycholine treatment? Anyway, thanks for the update, hope you push through, buddy!

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Hi Joel,

I don't think reducing VA has to be all or nothing.  If you think you are VA toxic, I'm betting that is going to affect what you choose eat.    Even if you aren't as low as Grant.

I've never gone down to Grant's levels of low VA. 

I've made slow progress, and enough to make me realize that it is my issue, or one of my issues.  But really is it very slow progress.   I may not look better to others but I feel better inside.  And I have some new symptoms too, which all I can do is blame on detox.  I think those symptoms were going to come anyways, but that by going lower you do start doing some hard housework.


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Yes, well, but at some point I have to stop unless you believe that vitamin A is entirely a poison. What I wanted to say is that I don't think VitA has much of an impact on my current symptoms. otherwise the drastic reduction that I achieved this year would have had to change a lot, at least according to my decreased Vitamin A blood values.


I feel your point and I am also not 100% convincend to give up but in the otherside one year should be enough to see at least a little progress provided VitA is really a problem and in addition my VitA blood levels decreased a lot, too. For example my hormone levels are very bad and I thought maybe due to Accutane/VitA, they didnt get better at all in this year, furthermore they got worse...I found studys which shows that VitA os needed for testosterone&co. I still know that much VitA is very bad, but I dont think its a poison in general. Its always important to look in all directions. 


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@joel Just wanted to let you know I completely sympathize with you and your struggles with your diet. If you read my last update in my log, you'll see that I ultimately ended up with severe symptoms (like messed up hormones, etc) after following the diet for 1 year and 3 months. I think our situations are quite similar. For some reason I'm under the impression that we're around the same age? I'm 21. I'm going to stop the diet, and look for other solutions. 

@leap7 Hey, thanks for your message. Yes i'm 22 years old. I took Accutane for 1 year and about 9 months later I got sick with ME/CFS in the meantime I was doing well. But I want to try the VitA Diet, after reading a lot negative things about Accutane. Will stop in the next few weeks too, 1year should be real enough to see an improvement.I. read the entry from you. Did you also take Accutane, or do you have an illness, or how did you get on the VitA diet and what your symptoms? Did you have clear symptoms after eating VitA? I never had, which was maybe a sign that it wont do much in my case. Greetings 

So sorry to hear about your struggles. I have never taken Accutane. I have never had a diagnosed illness. I guess what I do have is an eating disorder(orthorexia?)/diet obsession (self-diagnosed) due to my previous obsessions with weight loss. I've pretty much been at a healthy weight for most of my life though. My doctors have never raised concerns with me in my general checkups for the most part. However, I do think I have had subclinical hypothyroidism for most of my life, because my hair has had that fried look for much of my life, and I have been very irritable, my sleeping habits have not been very good for a long time, and probably a few other things. I also started on a vegetarian diet while in middle school and kept this up for at least a few years. I also ate a vegan diet for 2.5 years. I don't have clear symptoms from eating Vit A, but I do react strongly to proteins in dairy. I probably confounded these two variables and just attributed my positive symptoms from dairy avoidance to the vit a detox. Best of luck, please keep us updated if possible! 

Did you guys see that @tim-2 posted on the Wahl thread that there has been a study showing that it is recommended that B12 be taken prior to and during accutane?

@joel I feel you! Big hugs! 

@lil-chick My B12 level from December is 532 pmol/L  (range 170 - 650), and I still feel bad. Not saying you are not onto the right track (or right track for some), just chiming in <3 🙂

That is good @Arena.  Now, according to the video, it isn't easy to know when your B12 is low, probably similar to how it isn't easy to know if your VA is high.   They list 5 tests, and talk about "masking" that happens because of the supplementation of other b vities.

But perhaps B12 levels start to come up after a time off of VA.  At least in people who can still absorb!