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Mind recovery


Hey everyone!

It's been almost 2 years I've been on this diet and I can say that I've recovered my health 70%. I took accutane in 2010 for about 4 months and It affected my mental health big time. I stopped being myself while taking it and It took about 10 years to start having feelings like I used to before  being poisoned by this drug ( VA poisoning ), this drug made me so depressed, anxious and it also made me lose my memory ( short and long term ) , it was like i was living in somebody else body and it felt that I was just floating and spacing out all the time. It felt like I had dementia or something and i couldn't do anything to help it. I was only 21 when I took it and I went through a lot these past 10 years, I lost all my friends and I'm no longer close to my family, not like I was before accutane ( this drug is so scary because it makes you feel strange ,it's  kinda you  lose your social skills and it makes you numb ).

The thing is that I am recovering and its like I am waking up from a bad dream, all my old feelings are coming back and I'm starting to feel like my old self again, it's difficult now though because a lot of things happened these past years and I am here now without friends and having this feeling that ive lost a lot these past years and I wish I could have someone to share my feelings and thoughts, but I know that nobody would understand what I was talking about or have been through.

I hope people have information about VA poisoning in the future and how it can mess your life up big time, clean face wasn't worth it..I wouldn't take it if i knew what i was going to go through after it.

I feel blessed to be where I am now though, everyday I feel that I am improving, it's a slow process but I am sure I will get there.. 

I wish you all a great recovery guys,  God bless!

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Thanks for the update @sergio, I hope the progress continues.   I am approaching 2.5yrs and slowly becoming the person I used to be as well, it is a slow journey!

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@joel I hope you read this <3

@sergio thanks for the update! It is nice to have reminders like this once in a while that it takes a long time, and that progress is ahead, as well as the enjoyment of seeing others succeed! It is a double-win!
I really hope you reach out to your old ones, both friends and family, just start initiating contact slowly. Spark a smile here and there, be a source of happiness, and they will come back. Each and every one walking on this earth has their own problems, which to them seem like huge issues, and they will probably have a hard time really understanding what you've been through these last years, because they are occupied with themselves, and that is totally fine. I look out the window at the people walking on the streets, and I think to myself what I wouldn't give to just be able to walk outside without eye problems and how lucky they are, but they are probably just as drenched in their own daily suffering. So, what I'm trying to say is, you seem like a wonderful human being and the social skills will surely come back, like when you start exercising again after a long break, but I wouldn't worry or care about people understanding what you've been through in the beginning of re-initiating contact, those deep conversations are for later. In the beginning, just be a source of happiness. Just my two cents <3

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@orion , thanks man. I wish you all the best..I only know about VA poisoning because you posted an article on the acne.org blog on repairing the damage cause by accutane .. I am thankful and really blessed man, I was having crazy anxiety  and panic attack during that time and I had to quit my job..a few months later, I was able to get a better job..thanks a lot man.

@arena, thanks for your words. Things are getting better, altough im not that close as before..im getting closer to my mom , family and relatives..i do want to be part of their lives and help them somehow..you said it all, being a source of happiness to other is what its all about. I really learned a lot about life and what its all about through all this suffering.. I can see things better now  and I am sure that God shaped me into a better person through all these hardships, I think hes giving me health again so I can love others even more and help them somehow..having health and do nothing with it but just enjoy yourself would  be a waste


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Hi @sergio,

Thanks so much for the update.  It's great to hear that you are making good progress. 


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 much love to you from the Eternal Source.  Remember that the single set of footprints in the sand are from the one who carries you when you cannot walk.  We are all here to awaken from the illusion of separateness, as you have done and I pray you are blessed to continue to do. Do not be afraid of the mystery.  Love is generative, so there is always  exponential love created when you give it away. 

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@sergio you put it beautifully, I totally agree! I hope you continue your journey towards a 100% health, and continue to share your progress here, it is very motivating! And I get teary-eyed thinking about the fact that you got here through @orion, that is such a blessing. I got a link to this site through a user on the forum on dryeyezone, where I posted in desperation, and I hope I one day can thank that user like you now are thanking @orion. That would be amazing! Keep fighting brother <3

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Hey everyone!

I'm very glad  I am able to share my feelings and thoughts with you guys and I am blessed to be part of this group, you guys are amazing people. Thanks everyone for the messages, I pray God bless each and everyone of you with love, health and peace. I am very busy lately with school , I work as an english teacher here in Brazil and we just started face to face classes last month, its been pretty busy lately. I'm getting better and better, as I told you guys, I was able to get this job almost 2 years ago when I started this diet because I started to get healthier, I was an english teacher before but  I was in such a bad condition that I wasn't able to work for quite long time..I must say that It's been a while that I havent felt this good, peace and calmness are the feelings that I am enjoying the most lately. The worst symptoms I had were anxiety and brain fog, these 2 have improved greatly and I am almost 100% again. Seriously guys, we take life and health for granted, It may seem that i am overreacting but when you are able to feel normal again after such a long time, you get very excited and you feel like you must tell this to everyone..well, I can't find words to describe all i am feeling but I am very happy ! I hope you guys are doing well and wish you all great health . 


take care

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lil chick

@ Rachel, thanks for your words. God bless you friend.

@Arena, I'm trully blessed to have found this blog through Orion, it would be great if you could find that user here,  we could all make a skype call one day so we could meet each other and talk about life and stuff. 


Quote from Sergio on March 17, 2021, 10:47 am

@ Rachel, thanks for your words. God bless you friend.

@Arena, I'm trully blessed to have found this blog through Orion, it would be great if you could find that user here,  we could all make a skype call one day so we could meet each other and talk about life and stuff. 


@are @sergio  I hope one day we could all meet when 100% healthy and have a beer or drink together.

Glad to hear you are still healing and feeling better!